In neo-Pagan witchcraft the God and Goddess are the divine forces and the very essence of the craft, they are the Great Father and Great Mother whose limitless energy brings forth all life. They embody the living biosphere of the planet and the forces of the elements; they are the creators and destroyers. She, The Goddess, is the Queen of Heaven, she is the moon, the source of magical power; she is emotion, intuition and the pyschic faculty. He, The God, is the sun, the source of masculine energy; he is the raw force, wisdom and law.

Pewter Pan Figure

Pan is the God of Spring from the old religion of Europe. He is the spirit of vital, adolescent male sexual energy. Pan is the consort of the Great Mother Goddess in her maidenly aspect. He is a playful spirit who loves to chase women, dance and play his reed pipes. Pan is a devoted friend of Bacchus who is the God of intoxication. He can be called the spirit of fun, enjoyment, and freedom from moral constraints. Pewter, 2 inches.

Item #: 0261, Price: $19.99

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