Jewelry can be of great importance to practitioners of religion. Much like a uniform, the things that you wear, whether it be a simple pin or an elaborate ensemble, can be the symbol of transformation between your humanity and your astral existence.

The Faery Shield Pendant

All women are representations of the Triple Goddess, no matter which face we choose to show to the world. We have a symbiotic relationship with the goddess from the moment of our birth. The Triple Goddess imagery of maiden, mother and crone has been present in many cultures, but was solidly honored by the Celtic peoples. The Faery Shield is a symbol of the trinity of the Divine Feminine. It is made up of three interlaced vesica piscis which represents the 'yoni' or female genitals. The gateless design prevents the entrance of negative energies. It is further strengthened by the circle, the primary feminine symbol representing sacred space.

Cast if fine pewter. About 1 inch. Comes with card explaining design.

Item #: 90Y93, Price: $18.99

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