Scrying: The ancient art of clairvoyance achieved by concentrating on an object - usually one with a reflective or semi-reflective surface (mirror, crystal ball, water, etc.) - until visions appear. Magicians and witches of all ages have practiced scrying. The term scrying comes from the English word descry , which means 'to make out dimly' or 'to reveal.' The services of the scryer typically are sought for predictions of the future, answers to questions and tracking down criminals, just to name a few.

Wallachian Crystal Ball Set

A chilling yet simple crystal ball mount of classic Transylvanian style, which reveals inside, under the power of the crystal, the engraved brass occult Pentacle of Rabbi Solomon the King, to interpret through the skill of the scryer. The detail of the brass Pentacle of Rabbi Solomon the King, which when viewed through the crystal ball, magnifies the view and the supremacy of its selected elements. 60mm Crystal ball and fine pewter and brass stand as shown.

Item #: AL02, Price: $103.99

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