Besoms or Witches Brooms are used to sweep away negative influences from the working space, and clean the area for your energy before starting any rite.

Large Dragon Besom

Large 50 inch ritual broom with beautifully hand carved dragon head at the top of the handle.
The besom is a tool for ritual and magick, generally used to purify a space before ritual begins. Before a ritual is performed the practitioner may use a besom to create a sacred space, by sweeping the area while visualizing the psychic dirt (negative energy) being cleared away. This ancient custom also helps to get the mind ready for the ritual, quieting the mind and narrowing one's focus. The besom is a purifier and is viewed by some to be related to the element of water. The besom is also seen as a symbol of protection. Many witches keep a besom by their door, or hanging from their door, to protect the home from unwanted outside energies. In keeping with this ancient tradition, this handcrafted besom is made from materials from nature. Color may vary.

Item #: ALN17, Price: $29.99

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