Statues represent our Gods and Goddesses, we place them on our altar and around our homes. The statues below are some of the ones we saw fit to add to our collection, each has a description about the God or Goddess and a small part of their history.

The Archangels

The presence of angels has been recognized by all peoples since the dawn of history. This radiantly powerful quartet is central to many esoteric traditions, serving as spiritual guardians and harbingers of the four directions. Each of these angels' names and colors have special meaning. Raphael, Healer of God, governs the Air and the East, and heals both mind and body. Gabriel, the Strong One or Messenger of God, rules Waters and the West. Michael, the Perfect of God, is the protector of humanity and guards Fire and the South. Uriel, Light of God, nurtures the Earth and protects the North.

URIEL: (top left) #ARCH1, $ 40.00:
MICHAEL: (top right) #ARCH2, $ 40.00:
GABRIEL: (bottom left) #ARCH3, $ 40.00:
RAPHAEL: (bottom right) #ARCH4, $ 40.00:

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