Fragrance affects us through the sense of smell. However, the vivratory effects of various odors differ radically. Just as various emotions and thoughts change, the colors of the aura, so do different scents. The psychic body is the seat of our emotions and is thus strongly affected by fragrance. We are all aware that some odors make us ill. A bit of thought on this last statement will bring home the importance of the uses of scents for specific purposes.

to quiet the mind and help ease
into a meditative state
for spiritual consciousness, healing
and knowledge seeking
for romance, passion,
eroticism and upliftance
for removing stress,
to soothe and quiet nerves
and refresh your energy
for opening chakra points and
increasing and cleansing energies
for centering and grounding,
creativity, euphoria and wisdom


Aromatherapy scents are designed to assist in reaching meditation, relaxation, stress relief, inspiration, and heightened awareness. Candle, Bath Salt, and oil are available individually or together in a kit. Containers may vary in color and style.

Inner Journey

The Aromatherapy Kit

This beautiful package forms a complete starter kit to aromatherapy. It includes a delightfully illustrated book, presenting a concise introduction to the whole area, and five bottles of pure essential oil. Each of these oils is discussed in detail and numerous recipes are given so that you can use them safely for your own natural remedies. An A-Z of all the common essential oils and details on how to use them, such as in baths, vaporizers or massage, enables you to experiment further once you have learned the principals of this effective self-help practice.

Kit contains: 110 page book, five bottles containing 2.5 ml of pure essential oils: Rosemary, Lavendar, Tea Tree, Geranium and Eucalyptus, a complete starter pack, recipes for your own natural remedies, practical book with clear instructions for the safe use of essential oils.

Item #: MMAROM, Price: $26.95

Botanical Herbal Soaps

Each of these soaps is great for aromatherapy!
Each is 3-4 oz. (85-113g).

Garlic: #KISOAP1 $6.99
Oatmeal: #KISOAP2 $6.99
Cinnamon: #KISOAP3 $6.99
Coconut: #KISOAP4 $6.99
Eucalyptus: #KISOAP5 $6.99
Chamomile: #KISOAP6 $6.99
Macaw Bird: #KISOAP7 $6.99
Pirul: #KISOAP8 $6.99
Rosemary: #KISOAP9 $6.99
Rue: #KISOAP10 $6.99
Sandalwood: #KISOAP11 $6.99
Patchouli: #KISOAP12 $6.99

Willendorf Goddess Soap

This beautiful bath soap comes gift boxed.

Item #: JSOAP, Price: $4.99

Aromatherapy Beginner Kit

This beginner 'Harmony' aromatherapy set comes with oil warmer, harmony oil, 4 tealight candles, harmony incense, incense burner and harmony aroma herbs.

Item #: SHAW01, Price: $15.99

Peace and Serenity Aroma Set

This deluxe kit is perfect for meditation and to bring about peace and serenity. The set comes with an aromatherapy lamp, 6 tealight candles, 4 long mini taper candles, candle holder, incense burner, serenity oil and serenity incense.

Item #: SQ612, Price: $15.99

Dragon's Blood Bath Salt

Prepare yourself in style for your rituals and celebrations. Made with pure sea salt and pure clean resin.

Item #: SQ876, Price: $5.00

Chakra Bath Salt

Great for meditation, relaxation, peace and cleansing the chakras. 1 pound bag.

Item #: SQ899, Price: $8.99

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