The Book of Shadows: a book of beliefs, rituals, Witchcraft laws and ethics, herbal & healing lore, incantations, invocations, evocations, chants, dances, spells, divination, sabbats and miscellaneous topics which serves as a guide for Witches in practicing their craft and religion. There is no definitive Book of Shadows for Witchcraft in general; each tradition may or may not have a standard Book of Shadows, which is usually added to or adapted by separate covens or individuals.

Book of Shadows

Designed specifically to log all of the important information you need to keep track of what works and what doesn't, the Book of Shadows is your personal journal containing 80, 160, or 240 journal pages for you to record every detail of your spells, rituals and ceremonies. Printed on champagne parchment paper, bound in black comb binding.

You can order your Book of Shadows with a personalized cover at no extra cost. Have your zodiac sign, name, title, etc. printed right on the cover. (Custom designs are limited to black printing on champagne parchment only.) A standard cover will be printed if no custom information is received or if description of custom design request is unclear or indiscernible. A sample standard cover is shown to the left.
Click here after you order to request your custom cover design!

Single Standard: #BOOS,  $13.00
Single Custom:   #BOOSC, $13.00
Double Standard: #BOOD,  $22.00
Double Custom:   #BOODC, $22.00
Triple Standard: #BOOT,  $30.00
Triple Custom:   #BOOTC, $30.00

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