Bumper Stickers

These striking new stickers are printed with white ink on high quality CLEAR vinyl. Apply them to the outside of car windows, music cases, bumpers, bedroom windows, or anything else that you want to adorn. 7.5" by 2".     $2.50 each.

  Be Witched
  Born-Again Pagan
  The GODDESS is Alive and MAGICK is AFOOT!
  Blessed Be
  Where There's a WITCH There's a WAY!
  LISTEN to the words of your SOUL
  Practice Voluntary Simplicity!
  It's easier to BUILD a CHILD than FIX an ADULT!
  Proud Pagan
  Goddess Bless
  MY OTHER CAR IS A [picture of broom]
  Witches Heal
  Born again & again & again...
  Back off - I'm a GODDESS
  No Matter Where You Go There You Are!
  My GODDESS is your GODS Mother!
  the MEEK are getting ready!
  The Light at the End of the Tunnel - May be an Oncoming DRAGON!
  happy heathen

The following classy stickers were exclusively designed by McNamara's Green. Printed on high quality white vinyl with color fast designs, 12" by 3".    $2.50 each.

  Be Witched
  Let's Go VIKING
  Spiral Back
  Life is a witch [picture of broom] and then you fly
  Watch Witch on Duty!
  Woad Warrior
  Fairy Steeds
  Powered by [picture of broom] Broom Fuel
  My Other Car Is A Cloud!
  Magick Happens
  Reach Out- Heal Mother Earth
  Enlightened Paganus
  Shift Happens!

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