Charm bags are a very simple and versatile form of Magick. Used most commonly in Witchcraft and Voodoo, they offer a "portable" form of spellcasting. Charm bags are another form of symbolic Magick and as with Voodoo dolls, charm bags hold no magical powers in themselves, they are used as a tool to channel personal energies for a specific goal. When performed properly, spells using charm bags, along with your energies, can produce powerful tools. The purpose of the charm bag is to charge your aura or another's aura with the specific energies it is designed to hold and create a magnet effect within that aura for the purpose it is designed for, attracting energies of the same sort. Some bags can be used for an indefinite period of time as long as it is continuously charged. Charm bags be worn, hung around one's house, buried, etc.

The charm bag is a beautiful
pouch, pouch styles will vary.
It is about 2" by 3".
Each charm bag kit includes
the pouch, a stone (or crystal),
a talisman, feather,
powder, candle, incense,
and instructions for use.

Choose your purpose from
the list on the right.

Charm Bags

LOVE #G001 $18.50
MONEY #G002 $18.50
GAMBLING #G003 $18.50
LUCK #G004 $18.50
HEALING #G005 $18.50
PROTECTION #G006 $18.50
CURSING #G007 $18.50
MEDITATION #G008 $18.50
PEACE #G009 $18.50

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