Sale Prices are valid from July 30th 2014 through August 6th 2014.
JEWELRY : Pentacle Pendant
Pentacle of the Goddess Pendant
Deluxe Tetragrammaton Pentacle Pendant
Talisman For Communication With Animals
Hecate's Wheel Pendant
WANDS : Crystal Earth Dragon Wand
Goddess Power Wand
Elemental Spiral Wand
Isis Power Wand
BOOKS : The Witchcraft Bible: A Witches Handbook by Wilma Rose
Sabbats: A Witch's Approach to Living the Old Ways by Edain McCoy
Candle Magick Spells by Morine Rider
Practical Spells by Zyto
The Complete Homestudy Course in Witchcraft by Zyto
RITUAL ITEMS : Four Elements Chalice
Isis Magick Goblet
Wiccan Calendar Altar Cover
Greenman Forest Cauldron
Nature's Fire Cloak
DIVINATION : Concave Scrying Mirror
Pentagram Scrying Bowl
Wiccan Moon Pendulum
80mm Clear Round Crystal Ball
100mm Clear Round Crystal Ball
CANDLE HOLDERS : Dragon with Protective Wings Candleholder
Green Man God Candle Holder
Brigit Statue Candle Holder
Green Man Triple Candle Holder
Triple Goddess Candle Holder Tall
God Candle Holder Tall
INCENSE BURNERS : Dragon Smoking Head Incense Burner
Small Dragon Head Incense Burner
Earth Goddess Incense Burner
Sacred Tree Incense Holder
Pentagram Stick and Cone Burner
CANDLES : Nag Champa Candles
Dragon's Blood Votive Candles
Voodoo Conjure Candle
Protection Invoking Candle
Mini Taper Candles in Assorted Colors
Taper Candles
STATUES : Tyr Statue
Bronze Baphomet Statue
Deluxe Triple Goddess Statue
Goddess Crone Statue
Seated God Statue
Seated Goddess Statue
GIFTS : Vampire and Werewolf Chess Set
The Raven Watch
Raven Pen Holder
Isis Winged Mirror
Selenite Castle Lamp
HERBS & ROOTS : All Herbs & Roots on Sale
ALIEN ITEMS : Crop Circle Pendant
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