Statues represent our Gods and Goddesses, we place them on our altar and around our homes. The statues below are some of the ones we saw fit to add to our collection, each has a description about the God or Goddess and a small part of their history.

Danu Statue

Danu, Danand, known as Don in Wales is associated with reincarnation, rivers and flowing waters. The Danube River takes its name from Danu, as do the Rivers Don in Scotland and Russia. She has been called -Holy Waters from the Sky- nourisher of the Sacred Oak. In India’s Rig Veda the Goddess Danu signifies -stream- and -waters of heaven.- Many suggest she is the Great Goddess Diana of the Mediterranean region.
Danu is the Mother of Magick and the Fae. It is said her people, the Tuatha de Danann ,The Children of Danu, were a magical race, some say gods, who came to Ireland in the time of the Fir Bolg -1897 B.C.E.- and worked their magick until they were driven underground by the invading Milesians around 1,700 B.C.E. Here they remain today in Tir-na-noghe, the -Land of Eternal Youth- as the Aes Sidhe, an invisible race of magickal beings. It is from them that all Gaelic faery folk come. The Paps of Anu,Ana, are two mountain in County Kerry known as the living breasts of Danu.
In this graceful sculpture the Paps and Sidhe reveal the dwelling place of the Tuatha on the skirts of Danu. Her garment also reveals the many layers of magick and the flowing nature of water's mysteries.
Sculpted by Abby Willowroot Copyright 2003, 9.5 inches, crafted in resin.

Item #: DIN2, Price: $39.99

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