Since the earliest times in all known civilizations, man has looked to supernatural sources for help and advice, in personal affairs. In some civilizations throughout history, divination has been performed only by special classes of priests or priestesses who were trained in their methods and interpretations. Divination is the act of fortelling the future, finding objects and people and determining guilt by means of information obtained from signs, omens, dreams, visions and divinatory tools.

Divination Tools and Supplies

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60mm (2.4") Clear Round Crystal Ball
Lifted Wiccan Scrying Bowl
Triple Moon Goddess Pendulum
80mm Clear Round Crystal Ball
100mm Clear Round Crystal Ball

Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls
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Mini Crystal Ball Starter Kit
40mm (1.6") Clear Round Crystal Ball
60mm (2.4") Clear Round Crystal Ball
65mm (2.6") Clear Round Crystal Ball
75mm (3") Clear Flat Bottom Crystal Ball
80mm (3.2") Clear Round Crystal Ball
100mm (4") Clear Flat Bottom Crystal Ball
100mm (4") Clear Round Crystal Ball
130mm (5.2") Clear Round Crystal Ball
150mm (6") Clear Round Crystal Ball
180mm (7.2") Clear Round Crystal Ball
200mm (8") Clear Round Crystal Ball
200mm (8") Clear Round Crystal Ball - Version 2
Gazing Ball 100mm

Crystal Balls
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Amber Crystal Ball
Amethyst Crystal Ball
Aqua Crystal Ball
Emerald Crystal Ball
Sapphire Crystal Ball
Aurora Crystal Ball
Moonlight Crystal Ball
Large Black Scrying Ball
Black Aura Crystal Ball
Crystal Spirit Ball
Blood Crystal Ball
Spirit Crystal Ball
Dragon Battle Crystal Ball
Bone Crystal Ball

Crystal Balls
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Genuine Rose Quartz Crystal Ball
Genuine Tiger Eye Crystal Ball
Genuine Sodalite Crystal Ball
Genuine Obsidian Snowflake Crystal Ball
Cats Eye Crystal Ball with Stand
Genuine Amethyst Crystal Ball
Genuine Fluorite Crystal Ball
Malachite Crystal Ball
Black Obsidian Crystal Ball
Pyrite Sphere
Garnet Crystal Ball
Serpentine Crystal Ball
Agate Crystal Ball
Red Coral Crystal Ball
Angelite Sphere
Aqua Obsidian Sphere

Crystal Balls
with Stands
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Elephant Stand with Crystal Ball
Skull Stand with Crystal Ball
Egyptian Stand with Crystal Ball
Dragon Stand with Crystal Ball
John Dee Seal Crystal Ball Set
Wyrd Destiny Crystal Ball Set
Wallachian Crystal Ball Set
Angels of Mercy Crystal Ball Set
Frosted Dragon Statue with 70mm Sphere
Eye of Astrontiel Crystal Ball Set
Oculatus Crystal Ball Set
Dragon Claw Crystal Ball Set
Demon Claw Crystal Ball Set
Winged Dragon with Crystal Ball Set
Dolphins with Crystal Ball Set
Small Crystal Ball Kit
Titania's Crystal Ball Set

Crystal Ball Stands

Crystal Ball Stands
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Gargoyle Crystal Ball Stand
Pewter Dragon Crystal Ball Stand
Pewter Wizard Dragon Crystal Ball Stand
Circle Dragon Crystal Ball Stand
Fairy Crystal Ball Stand
Flying Fairy Crystal Ball Stand
Fairies Crystal Ball Stand
Unicorn Crystal Ball Stand
Large Unicorn Stand
Brass Dragon Crystal Ball Stands
Dragon Claw Crystal Ball Stand
Large Dragon Crystal Ball Stand
Mythic Trilogy Crystal Ball Stand
Unicorns of Strength Crystal Ball Stand
Serpent Dragons Crystal Ball Stand
Flowing Fairy Crystal Ball Stand
Double Dragon Open Stand
Dragon Serpent Large Crystal Ball Stand
Baby Dragons Crystal Ball Stand
Guardian Dragons Crystal Ball Stand
Rising Dragons Crystal Ball Stand
Holding Dragon Crystal Ball Stand
Dragon Claw Large Crystal Ball Stand
Unicorn Small Crystal Ball Stand

Crystal Ball Stands
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Rose & Skulls Aroma Stand
Bast Aroma Stand
King Tut Aroma Stand
Temple Dog Aroma Stand
Nefertiti Aroma Stand
Wizard & Dragon Aroma Stand
Spellcasting Dragon Aroma Stand
Gargoyle Aroma Stand
Zodiac Aroma Lamp

Wiccan & Psychic
Crystal Ball Stands
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Pentagram Crystal Ball Stand
Zodiac Crystal Ball Stand
Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Stand
Guiding Hands Crystal Ball Stand
Pewter Bast Crystal Ball Stand
Pewter Goddess Crystal Ball Stand
Wiccan Vine Large Crystal Ball Stand
Lotus Crystal Ball Stand
Sumerian Pentagram Stand
Pentagram Tree of Life Stand
Small Deluxe Pagan Stand
Wiccan Nature Stand
Astral Celestial Crystal Ball Stand
Nature Leaf Crystal Ball Stand
Large Moons Crystal Ball Stand
Moon Goddess Crystal Ball Stand
Wiccan Roots Crystal Ball Stand
Witch Cats Crystal Ball Stand
Celtic Ring Crystal Ball Stand
The Garden Crystal Ball Stand

For Crystal Balls
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Crystal Pillow
Dragon Crystal Ball Pillow
Unicorn Crystal Ball Pillow
Ornate Crystal Ball Reading Pillow

Crystal Ball Stands
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Spirits of the Beasts Crystal Ball Stand Set
Lighted Crystal Ball Stand
Color Changer Stands
Skull Crystal Ball Stand
Celestial Crystal Ball Stand
Castle Crystal Ball Stand
Egyptian Crystal Ball Stand
Glass Crystal Ball Stand
Ram Head Crystal Ball Stand
Simple Brass Crystal Ball Stand
Wooden Ancient Crystal Ball Stand
Pewter Wolf Crystal Ball Stand
Cobra Snake Crystal Ball Stand
Strength Crystal Ball Stand
Black Onyx Crystal Ball Stand
Mirror Crystal Ball Stand
Spiral Crystal Ball Stands
Court Jester Crystal Ball Stand
The Darkness Skull Stand
Simple Acrylic Crystal Ball Stand
Simple Acrylic Crystal Ball Ring
Simple Wood Crystal Ball Stand
Jumping Dolphins Crystal Ball Stands
Mystical Ocean Crystal Ball Stand
Crystal Ball Bag
Eagle and Feather Crystal Ball Stand Large
Eagle and Feather Crystal Ball Stand Medium
Majestic Lions Crystal Ball Stand
King Serpent Crystal Ball Stand
Elephant Trunks Crystal Ball Stand
Butterfly Flight Crystal Ball Stand
Bed of Roses Crystal Ball Stand
Playful Cats Crystal Ball Stand
The Yarn Kitty Crystal Ball Stand
Hummingbird and Flower Crystal Ball Stand
Frog Crystal Ball Stand
Butterfly Rising Crystal Ball Stand
Dragonfly Crystal Ball Stand
Sunflower Crystal Ball Stand
Circle of Dolphins Crystal Ball Stand
Butterfly Gem Crystal Ball Stand
Dolphin Hanging Crystal Ball Stand
Witch Cats Crystal Ball Stand
Spirit Dogs Crystal Ball Stand
Spirit Cats Crystal Ball Stand
Seahorse Ocean Crystal Ball Stand
The Great Bears Crystal Ball Stand
Dolphin Brass Crystal Ball Stand

Scrying & Scrying Mirrors

Wiccan & Pagan
Scrying & Scrying Mirrors
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The Celtic Scrying Mirror
Nature Scrying Mirror
Pentagram Scrying Mirror
Pan Scrying Mirror
Celtic Pentacle Mirror
Wiccan Scrying Bowl
Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror
The Goddess Scrying Mirror
The Triple Moon Goddess Scrying Mirror
Spiral Goddess Scrying Mirror
Deluxe Pentagram Scrying Mirror
Goddess Portal Scrying Mirror
Lifted Wiccan Scrying Bowl
Pentacle Goddess Scrying Mirror
Greenman Scrying Mirror
Pentagram Scrying Bowl
Round Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror
Triple Moon Goddess Scrying Bowl
Moon Phase Scrying Mirror

For Scrying Mirrors
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Adjustable Scrying Mirror Stand
Adjustable Acrylic Mirror Stand
Concave Scrying Mirror Stand

Scrying & Scrying Mirrors
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The Scrying Mirror
Concave Scrying Mirror
The Celestial Scrying Mirror
Black Scrying Ball with Stand
Large Black Scrying Ball
The Scrying Crystal
The Dark Path Scrying Mirror
The Egyptian Scrying Mirror
Unicorn Scrying Mirror
The Fairy Scrying Mirror
Visions CD: Black Scrying Mirror
Coffin Scrying Mirror
Medusa Scrying Mirror
Dark Reaper Scrying Mirror
Magic Mirror Set
Egyptian Temple Scrying Mirror
The Dragon Mirror
The Vampire Mirror
Dark Angel Hand Mirror

Pendulums, Runes & Spirit Boards

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The Pendulum Set
Pentagram Pendulum Set
Pendulum Box Set
The Crystal Pendulum
The Pentagram Pendulum
The Amethyst Pendulum
Malachite Pendulum
The Rose Quartz Pendulum
The Triple Crescent Moon w/Pentagram and Moonstone Pendulum
The Fairy Pendulum
Deluxe Copper Pendulum
Dragon Pendulum
Sword Pendulum
Ankh Pendulum
Pentagram Loading Pendulum
Celtic Loading Pendulum
Dragon Loading Pendulum
Green Man Loading Pendulum
Lunar Goddess Loading Pendulum
The Pendulum Kit
Pentagram Moon Pendulum
Wiccan Wand Pendulums
Velvet Wiccan Pendulum Mat
Aventurine Pendulum
Blue Onyx with Chips Pendulum
Turquoise Pendulum
Tiger Eye Chakra Pendulum
The Truth Fairy
Goddess Spiral Pendulum
Chakra Pendulum
Pentacle Stone Pendulum
The Pendulum Deluxe Kit
Deluxe Pendulum Board
Wiccan Moon Pendulum
Wood Egyptian Pendulum
Black Onyx Pentagram Pendulum
Worrystone Chakra Pendulum
Pentagram Loading Pendulum Set
Pentagram Pendulum Board
Astrology Pendulum Mat
Triquetra Pendulum Mat
Triple Moon Goddess Pendulum
Triquetra Pendulum
Goddess Chakra Pendulum
Pentagram Pendulum with Pouch
Spirit Pendulum Divination Board
Pentagram Pendulum Board
Pentagram Pendulum Dowsing Board

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The Rune Set
Oak Branch Rune Set
The Ancient Rune Set
The Bloodstone Rune Set
The Moonstone Rune Set
Goddess Rune/Shell/Tarot Plate
Rune/Shell Casting Bowl
Cowrie Divination Shells
Witching Stones Set
Egyptian Scarab Oracle
Dark Horn Runes
Yin Yang Rune Casting Bowl
Goddess Candle Holder and Rune Set
Classic Gemstone Rune Set
Rune Casting Cloth
Longevity Rune or Shell Casting Plate

Spirit Boards
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The Talking Spirit Board Set
Voodoo Spirit Board Set
The Pendulum Set
Psychic Circle
Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board
Egyptian Oracle
Buckland Spirit Board
The Enchanted Spellboard
Spirit Board Altar Cloth
Sacred Goddess Cat Pentacle Spirit Board Set
Tree of Life Pentagram Talking Board
Old Fashion Spirit Board Set
Pentagram Spirit Board
Spirit Guide Board Set
Angel Spirit Board Set
Wolf Talking Board

Tarot Cards & Kits
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The Thoth Tarot Card Deck
The Dragon Tarot Card Deck
Tarot of the Dead
The New Palladini Tarot Card Deck
Starter Tarot Card Deck
Herbal Tarot Card Deck
Complete Tarot Card Deck
Tarot of the Orishas Deck
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot and Book
Book of African Divination Tarot Set
Sephiroth Tarot
Goddess Tarot
Mythic Tarot
Gothic Tarot of the Vampires
Tarot of the Saints
Enochian Skrying Tarot
Egyptian Tarot
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
Pagan Tarot
Celtic Book of the Dead Tarot Set
Book of Doors Tarot Set
Faery Wicca Tarot
Tarot Keychain
Vampire Tarot Deck
Necronomicon Tarot
The Shapeshifter Tarot Kit
The Witches Tarot Kit
Wiccan Divination Kit
Pagan Tarot Kit
Tarot of the Mermaids
The Fairy Tarot Kit
Tarot of the Elves Kit
Sorcerers Tarot
Tarot of Reincarnation
Mystic Faerie Tarot
Fairy Tarot
Celtic Messages Set
Anubis Oracle
Ancient Enlightened Tarot
Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck
Animal Wise Tarot Set
Art Nouveau Tarot Deck
Askme Tarot Set
Atavist Tarot Set
Avalon Tarot Set
Axle of Keys Tarot Reading Deck
Builders of the Adytum
Beginner's Guide to Tarot
Beginner's Tarot
Blank Tarot Deck
Bosch Tarot
Tarot Reading Box Set
Bruegel Tarot
Buddha Tarot
Cagliostro's Tarot Deck
Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi Deck
Celestial Tarot
Celtic Dragon Tarot
Celtic Mini Tarot
Celtic Tarot
Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Comparative Tarot
Complete Tarot Kit
Connolly Tarot Deck
Cosmic Tarot Set
Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Crow's Magick Tarot Deck
Crystal Tarots Deck
Mini The Egyptian Tarot
Witchy Tarot
Universal Fantasy Tarot
UFO Tarot
Circle of Life Tarot
Eros Oracle Cards
Babylonian Tarot Set

Divination Kits
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Fortune Telling Kit
Divination Cards
Telekinetic Enhancer
ESP Test Cards
Dowsing Rod Set Copper
Goddess Kit
Dowsing Rod Set
Goddess, Guide Me!
Brass Dowsing Rod Set
Divination Altar Kit

Designer Stands with Genuine Austrian Crystal Balls
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The Goddess Set
The Claw Hands Set
The Dragon Set
The Cobra Set
The Claw Set
The Fairy Set

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