Since the earliest times in all known civilizations, man has looked to supernatural sources for help and advice, in personal affairs. In some civilizations throughout history, divination has been performed only by special classes of priests or priestesses who were trained in their methods and interpretations. Divination is the act of fortelling the future, finding objects and people and determining guilt by means of information obtained from signs, omens, dreams, visions and divinatory tools.

Divination Tools and Supplies


Crystal Balls
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Crystal Ball Stands
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Scrying & Scrying Mirrors
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Spirit Boards
Tarot Cards & Kits
Divination Kits
Designer Stands with
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   Crystal Balls

Wiccan & Psychic
Crystal Ball Stands

Pentagram Crystal Ball Stand

Zodiac Crystal Ball Stand

Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Stand

Guiding Hands Crystal Ball Stand

Pewter Bast Crystal Ball Stand

Pewter Goddess Crystal Ball Stand

Wiccan Vine Large Crystal Ball Stand

Lotus Crystal Ball Stand

Sumerian Pentagram Stand

Pentagram Tree of Life Stand

Small Deluxe Pagan Stand

Wiccan Nature Stand

Astral Celestial Crystal Ball Stand

Nature Leaf Crystal Ball Stand

Large Moons Crystal Ball Stand

Moon Goddess Crystal Ball Stand

Wiccan Roots Crystal Ball Stand

Witch Cats Crystal Ball Stand

Celtic Ring Crystal Ball Stand

The Garden Crystal Ball Stand

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