The Tree of Life is one of the oldest spiritual signs in the world. From all over the world, we find tales of a special, magical tree. It stands in the center of the world. It is the first source of life. It's fruit bestows immortality. It grows in paradise, the first and most beautiful garden of the earth. It's roots reach into the underworld and it's top pierces the heavens. It is old since time out of mind.

Tree of Life Ring

There is a Magical Realm told of by the great bards of ancient times. It is called "Twatha de Danann" (the people of the Goddess Dana) or more widely known as the Land of the "Faie. " Within this place all manner of things are possible. It is a realm of Youth and Promise, a land where "a fountain flows with sweet wine, where age and sickness are unknown". In this place "The innermost circle from which all life springs" can be found.

Many ancient people believed in "Otherworld" creatures such as Fairies. Pick a culture and you'll find a story. To the people of Ireland, Annwn is as real as this world, and exists in parallel to "here. " Druids, Bards, and Banshees traveled back and forth between the two worlds, their gates of passage being found in springs, caves, trees, and even in castle ruins.

But no matter what path taken, the journey always leads to the "Great Tree. " This tree lives in the center of Annwn and is the first Tree of Creation. The ancient Bards called it "Trefuilngid" (Treecohair), the tree of the "three keys" or three saplings. This tree is alive with Song, Dance, and Merry Making. And on its limbs the birds of Rhiannon sing so beautifully that "whoever hears them remains in a timeless state". From this first "Great Tree, " the Mother Goddess, Dana brought to Tara (Ireland) a branch with three fruits: nuts, apples, and acorns. From this branch all trees of the earth took root.

As a symbol of this belief the Bards of ancient Ireland wore a "musical silver branch" as an insignia. Each silver branch was said to be a casting of the original branch of Dana. This tale comes to us from the celtiod of Ireland. They were a culture of warriors who knew no fear, men and women fighting side-by-side, often going into battle naked and savoring the excitement of the fight. Yet the highest station was that of the Bard, the "walking books, " keepers of the story, song, laws, and music.

Even the Kings bowed before the Bards who wore the silver branch of the Great Tree, alive and singing in the center of Annwn, the Realm of the Fairies. Crafted in sterling silver.

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