Poseidon, God of the Sea who also controlled earthquakes and tamed horses especially for races. Son of Kronos and Rhea Cybele. The ancient Greeks were avid sailors and lovers of the sea as opposed to the Romans knew him as Neptune and had little love of the sea. Only Poseidon, of all gods and men, was not afraid of the Gorgons and made love with Medusa in Athena's temple. He also shared fish offerings with Hecate. Poseidon was strongly attracted to Demeter as well and when she changed into a Mare to thwart him, he changed into a stallion and covered her. The original statue is one fathom long. In this image Poseidon prepares to launch his trident at an unseen target. Able to raise storms or calm the sea at will. Often presided at games and contests of all kinds.

Poseidon Statue

This amazing statue is 9.5 inches.

Item #: HNN09, Price: $42.00

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