Bells are associated with the divine: their sound is symbolic of creative power, their shape a symbol of the female force and the celestial vault. The sound vibrations created by the ringing of bells have been believed for centuries to possess a magical and/or spiritual power. In some Witchcraft traditions, the bell is used to open and close the circle, creating positive astral energy.

Hathor Sistrum

The heavenly womb, Hathor brought forth in primeval time herself, never having been created. Her temples were birthing rooms bearing images of the seven frame drum and sistrum playing Hathors who brought blessed souls to newborns.These deities conferred their protection upon the newborn child. During childbirth, in ancient Egypt, a woman would squat on a pair of elaborately decorated clay bricks, that show a woman transformed into a goddess at the moment of giving birth, and recite spells to call on Hathor, the goddess of fertility and motherhood in an effort to protect her newborn child. Birth was not just a physical event, but a supercharged magical and religious time. Ancient Egyptians equated the birth of a child to the birth of the sun on the eastern horizon. A goddess of pleasure and royal succession Hathor is older than the earliest Egyptian dynasties. The sistrum's metallic ringing has been cleansing and purifying sacred space for thousands of years. 12.5 inches, Resin body with brass jingles.

Item #: HNN15, Price: $49.99

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