The censer or incense burner in neo-pagan witchcraft is used for burning incense, herbs, wood and other substances, to cleanse and purify the air before rituals. Censing, which represents the element of air, exorcises and keeps unwanted energies away from the magic site; offers sweet air to the God and Goddess; raises vibrational rates and summons energies; relaxes the senses; and contains and concentrates power. The act of burning incense or other substances is also known as carrying our wishes up to the God and Goddess.

Incense Burners & Aroma Lamps

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Small Dragon Head Incense Burner
Green Man Stick Incense Burner
Pentagram Stick and Cone Burner
Bat Wings Incense Burner
Sacred Tree Incense Holder

Mythical Incense Burners

Incense Burners
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Conjure Dragon Incense Burner
Pewter Dragon Yin Yang Ash Catcher
Dragon Wall Incense Burner
Dragon Head Incense Burner
Long Dragon Burner
Dragon Tower Burner
Standing Dragon Incense Burner
Gothic Dragon Incense Burner
Smoking Bottle Dragon Incense Burner
Deluxe Dragon Bottle Burner
Large Deluxe Dragon Bottle Burner
Dragon & Wizard Morphing Incense Burner
Sea Dragon Incense Burner
Chinese Dragon Burner
Dragon Cone Incense Burners
Baby Dragon Cone Burner Set
Large Dragon Censor
Headed Dragon Incense Burner
Dragon Pewter Cone Burner
Dragon Treasure Burner
Ancient Dragon Box Burner
Tower Dragon Box Burner
Dragon Gem Tower Burner
Long Dragon Box Burner
Dragon Swirl Double Burner
Flame Dragon Incense Burner
Dragon Sword Burner
Dragon Ornate Cauldron Burner
Deluxe Dragon Celtic Cross Burner
Small Dragon Urn Burner
Ancient Dragon Boat Burner
Double Dragon Double Burner
Dragon Altar Burner
Dragon Cauldron Cone Burner
Deluxe Dragon Lamp Candle Holder/Incense Burner
Dragon World Burner
Dragon Face Incense Burner
Dragon Castle Tower Burner
Dragon Standing Stick Incense Burner
Dragon Smoking Head Incense Burner
Dragon Versatile Incense Burner
Dragon Temple Cone Burner
Dragon Skull Incense Burner/Ashcatcher
Deluxe Dragon Magic Sand Burner
Dragon Incense Burner Shrine
Dragon Winged Incense Burner
Rising Dragon Incense Burner
Small Dragon Head Incense Burner
Baby Dragon Incense Burner
Ancient Dragon Skull Burner

Incense Burners
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Mermaid Fin Incense Burner
Mermaid Wall Incense Burner
Mermaid Siren Incense Burner
Mermaid Beauty Incense Burner
Mermaid Ocean Classic Burner
Mermaid Tail Incense Burner

Incense Burners
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Fairy Stone Incense Burner
Metal Fairy Lamp
Pewter Fairy Ash Catcher
Sitting Fairy Incense Burner
Blowing Fairy Incense Burner
Fairy Wings Incense Burner
Resting Fairy Incense Burner
Fairy Flower Incense Burner
Fairy on Mushroom Incense Burner
Fairy Cone Burner Set
Pewter Fairy Cone Burner
Fairy Amber Resin Set
Fairy Double Burner
Fairy Box Burner
Magical Fairy Burner
Fairy Serpent Burner
Fairy Cauldron Incense Burner
Fairy Sun Incense Burner
Flower Garden Fairy Burner
Planting Fairy Incense Burner
Day Fairy Incense Burner
Night Fairy Incense Burner
Moon Fairy Incense Burner
Fairy Garden Incense Burner/Ashcatcher
Death Fairy Incense Burner

God & Goddess Incense Burners

God & Goddess
Incense Burners
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Night Goddess Incense Burner
Smoking Goddess Bottle Burner
Goddess Gem Stick Incense Burner
Buddha Shrine Incense Burner
Buddha Pewter Incense Burner
Buddha Wall Incense Burner
Ganesh Offering Dish Incense Burner
Spiral Goddess Statue Incense Burner
Green Man Cone Incense Burner
Green Man Stick Incense Burner
Goddess Kali Incense Burner
Laxmi Bronze Statue and Burner
Ganesh Wall Burner and Bell
Ganesh Altar Censer
Ganesh Gift Set
Goddess Stones Set
Spiral Goddess Stones Set
Standing Goddess Stick Incense Burner
Goddess Box Burner
Quan Yin Censer
Earth Goddess Incense Burner
Goddess with Pentacle Burner
Buddha Temple Sand Burner
Buddha Honor Shrine
Buddha Golden Altar
Lakshmi Honor Burner
Ganesh Honor Burner
Triple Goddess Stick Burner
Goddess of Serenity Incense Burner
Buddha Sitting Incense Burner
Buddha Statue Cone Burner
Goddess Spiral Incense Burner
Triple Moon Goddess Cauldron / Burner
Triple Moon Goddess Box Burner
Ganesh Statue Burner
Buddha Statue Shrine Burner
Tribal God Incense Burner
Greenman Double Incense Burner
Forest Greenman Incense Burner
Greenman Bamboo Burner
Star Goddess Double Burner
Goddess Gem Incense Tower
Kwan Yin Meditation Incense Burner
Buddha Incense Shrine
Buddha Tower Incense Burner
Green Man LED Incense Burner
Triple Goddess Tall Temple Incense Burner
Moon Goddess Bowl Burner
Green Man Incense Burner Round
Triple Moon Goddess Hanging Burner
Goddess Stick and Cone Burner
Triple Moon Goddess Tower Burner
Ocean Goddess Incense Burner

Egyptian God & Goddess
Incense Burners
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Bast Statue Incense Burner
Bast Altar Incense Burner
Long Bast Incense Burner
Long Anubis Incense Burner
Isis Winged Incense Burner
Isis Statue Incense Burner
Eye of Horus Brass Incense Burner
Anubis Statue Incense Burner
Egyptian Goddess Cone Burner
Egyptian Anubis Box Burner
Osiris Resurrecting Incense Burner
Isis River Burner
Falcon Incense Burner/Candle Holder
Eye of Horus Burner and Box Set
Pyramid Incense Burner Brass Temple

Pentagram & Celestial Incense Burners

Incense Burners
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Pentagram Stick and Cone Burner
Pentacle Hanging Burner
Standing Pentagram Burner
Celtic Pentagram Stick Burner
Simple Pentagram Cone Burner
Large Pentagram Cone Burner
Pentacle Moon Incense Burner
Pentacle Goddess Ash Catcher
Smoking Pentagram Bottle Burner
Pentagram Deluxe Bottle Burner
Wood Pentagram Ash Catcher
Pentagram Stick Incense Burner
Pentagram Incense Burner
Deluxe Pentagram Stick Burner
Pentagram Multi Burner
Stone Pentagram Tower Burner
Pentacle Tower Smoking Burner
Triple Pentagram Incense Burner
Small Pentacle Altar
Pentagram Box Burner
Wiccan Arts Incense Tower
Pentacle Altar Incense Burner
Pentagram Gem Incense Tower
Pentagram Gem Stick Incense Burner
Brass Screen Pentagram Burner
Pentagram Brass Altar Burner
Pentagram Tall Temple Incense Burner
Pentagram Temple Incense Burner

Incense Burners
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Sun, Moon and Star Incense Burner Set
Sun and Moon Stick Incense Burner
Smoking Bottle Celestial Incense Burner
Smoking Bottle Sun Incense Burner
Crescent Moon Incense Burner
Altar Moon Incense Burner
Sun and Moon Incense Burner and Box
Triple Moon Incense Burner
Triple Moon Double Incense Burner
Celestial Tower Incense Burner
Star and Moon Yin Yang Burners
Celestial Stone Incense Burner
Celestial Cosmos Burner
Celestial Temple Burner
Celestial Tower Box Incense Burner
Celestial Smoking Tower
Night and Day Incense Burner
The Universe Incense Burner
Astral Fire Incense Burner
Crescent Moon Plate Incense Burner
Celestial Standing Stick Incense Burner

Reaper, Skull, Gargoyle & Animal Incense Burners

Incense Burners
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Reaper Incense Burner
Deluxe Reaper Incense Burner
Reaper Bottle Burner
Lost Souls Burner
Reaper Coffin Box Burner
Grim Reaper Coffin Box Burner
Traditional Grim Reaper Burner
Death Reaper Incense Burner
Conjuring Reaper Incense Burner
Reaper With Scythe Incense Burner
Grim Reaper Ash Catcher
Cloaked Reaper Incense Burner
Reaper Flame Incense Burner

Skull & Skeleton
Incense Burners
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Skull Burner and Candle Holder
Skulls Incense Burner
Skeleton Hand Incense Burner
Skull and Bones Box Burner
Necromancy Burner
Triple Skull Box Burner
Skull Incense Burner Set
Final Resting Place Incense Burner
Baphomet Skull Box Incense Burner
Skull Incense Burner Water Fountain
Rise of the Dead Incense Burner
Day of the Dead Incense Burner

Incense Burners
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Smoking Mouth Gargoyle Incense Burner
Gargoyle Box Burner
Gargoyle Incense Burner and Fountain
Gargoyle Towers Incense Burner
Gargoyle Dark Flame Incense Burner
Stick or Cone Gargoyle Burner
Gargoyle Winged Bottle Burner
Tomb Gargoyle Double Burner
Gemmed Gargoyle Incense Burner
Gargoyle Temple Incense Burner Candle Holder

Animal & Creature
Incense Burners
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Cat Wizard Incense Burner
Unicorn Incense Burner
Snake Incense Burner
Small Snake Incense Burner
Long Snake Incense Burner
Winged Bat Incense Burner
Wolf Box Burner
Howling Wolf Burner
Howling Wolf on Rock Burner
Familiar Cat Incense Burner
Cat on Wizard Hat Incense Burner
Gemmed Butterfly Incense Burner
Tree Frog Incense Burner
Dolphin Universe Incense Burner
Wolf Head Incense Burner
Smoking Mouth Wolf Burner
Raven Incense Burner on Skulls
Bat Wings Incense Burner

Designer & Misc. Incense Burners

Incense Burners
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Large Roman Urn Burner
Roman Urn
Roman Urn with Lid Burner & Candle Holder
Etruscan Censer
Etruscan Charcoal Burner
Silver Plated Three Leg Burner
Hanging Incense Burners
Copper Hanging Incense Burner
Standing Incense Burners
Handle Incense Burner
Jewel Incense Burner
Temple Burner
Bamboo Tower Incense Burner
Celtic Incense Burner
Celtic Double Incense Burner
Box Burner
Simple Brass Incense Burner
Simple Incense Burner
Large Ornate Burner
Celtic Knot Deluxe Burner
Deluxe Ceremonial Incense Burner
Quarter or Watchtower Burners
Lotus Burner
Bronze Screen Burner
Large Bronze Screen Burner
Triquetra Large Bronze Screen Burner
Brass Screen Burner
Temple Sand Burner
Deluxe Temple Sand Burner
Ganesh Temple Sand Burner
Wiccan Nature Burner
Coven Sand Burner
Pendulum Drop Hanging Burner
Simple Brass Altar Burner
Soap Stone Tall Incense Burner
Soap Stone Tower Incense Burner
Tower Box Incense Burner
Lotus Stick Burner
Triquetra Smoking Tower
Charging and Cleansing Incense Burner Kit
Lotus Smoking Burner
Incense Ball Censer
Altar Kettle Censer
Nature Bowl Burner
Round Star Burner
Stone Bowl Burner
Tibetan Knot Incense Burner
Celtic Screen Pot Burner
Goblet Style Incense Burner
Altar Quarters Burner Set
Wiccan Way Incense Burner Set
Leaf Burner Set
Open Bowl Burner
Good Fortune Incense Burner
Traditional Offering Incense Burner
King Tower Burner
Celtic Temple Screen Burner
Triquetra Forest Ash Catcher
Altar Bowl Burner
Triquetra Gem Stick Incense Burner
Triquetra Standing Stick Incense Burner
Copper and Brass Hanging Burner
Lotus Bowl Burner
Triquetra Tall Temple Incense Burner
Lotus Sand Burner
Triquetra Incense Burner Round
Triquetra Stick and Cone Burner
Triquetra Hanging Burner
Wiccan Stick Burner Set

Incense Burners
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King Tut Incense Burner
King Tut Temple Incense Burner
Temple Dog Incense Burner
Egyptian Box Burner
Egyptian Sphinx Burner
Celtic Cross Incense Burner
Celtic Cross Box Burner
Celtic Cross Tower Incense Burner
Pewter Moon Ash Catcher
Pewter Wizard Ash Catcher
Witch Cone Burner
Wizard Box Burner
Dark Wizard Incense Burner
Wizard Conjure Ash Catcher
Incense Box Kit
Cone Incense Box Kit Burner
Tree of Life Incense Box Kit
Danbhalah-Wedo Incense Burner
Alien Head Burner
Black Magic Incense Burner
Hades Incense Burner
Dark Arts Incense Burner
Peace Pipe Incense Burner
OM Stick Incense Burner
Wizard Altar Burner
Wiccan Disc Burners
Witch Hat Burner
Egyptian Temple Urn Burner
Armor Helmet Burner
Aladdin Lamp Incense Burners
Aladdin Lamp Cone Burner
Living Tree Incense Burner
Living Tree Branch Incense Burner
Mushroom Box Burner
Mushroom Trunk Burner
Elf Cone Burner Set
Coffin Box Burner
Dark Temple Burner
Exorcism Burner
Deluxe Voodoo Box Burner
Medicine Man Bottle Burner
Voodoo Rites Bottle Burner
Egyptian Power Box Burner
Gnome Incense Burner
Voodoo Altar Burner
Voodoo Lamp Burner
Om Ball Smoking Tower
Zen Meditation Incense Gift Set
Pharoah Deluxe Burner
King Tut Coffin Burner
Ankh Double Burner
OM Mantra Incense Burner
Alien Universe Incense Burner
Chakra Stick Incense Burner
Evil Eye Stick Incense Burner
The Elements Incense Burner
Zodiac Incense Set
Pyramid Incense Burner Water Fountain
Sacred Tree Incense Burner
Large Aladdin Lamp Burner
OM Altar Incense Burner
Viking Ship Incense Burner
OM Tall Temple Incense Burner
King Tut Long Incense Burner
Sacred Tree Incense Holder

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
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Scrying Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Hanging Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Dragon Dish Aromatherapy Lamp
Guarding Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Wizard and Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Spellcasting Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Winged Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Ice Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Dragon Oil Lamp
Temple Dragon Aromatherapy Lamp
Deluxe Pewter Dragon Aroma Burner

God & Goddess
Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
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Small Goddess Aroma Burner
Spiral Goddess Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Goddess Aromatherapy Lamp
Goddess Aromatherapy Lamp
Triple Goddess Aromatherapy Lamp
Celtic Gods Aromatherapy Lamp
Buddha Aromatherapy Lamp
Goddess Altar Aromatherapy Lamp
Buddha's Eye Aromatherapy Burner

Witch & Pentagram
Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Witch Aromatherapy Lamp
Spell Witch Aromatherapy Lamp
Cauldron Witch Aromatherapy Lamp
Pentagram Aromatherapy Burners
Pentagram Shadow Caster Aroma Burner
Pentacle Stone Altar Aromatherapy Burner
Small Pentacle Aromatherapy Lamp
Pentagram Designer Aroma Lamp
Circle of Witches Aromatherapy Burner

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Dolphin Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Whales Aromatherapy Lamp
Magical Dolphin Aromatherapy Lamp
Voodoo Cobra Aromatherapy Lamp
Wolf Pack Aromatherapy Lamp
Howling Wolf Aromatherapy Lamp
Classic Cat Aromatherapy Burner

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Moon Aromatherapy Lamp
Sun or Star Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Celestial Oil Lamp
Pewter Sunburst Oil Lamp
Designer Aromatherapy Lamp

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Nefertiti Aromatherapy Lamp
Egyptian Pillar Aroma Burner
Bast Aromatherapy Lamp
Golden Bast Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Isis Aromatherapy Lamp
King Tut Aromatherapy Lamp
Egyptian Ritual Aroma Burner
Anubis Aromatherapy Burner
Horus Aromatherapy Burner
Temple Dog Aromatherapy Burner
Deluxe King Tut Aroma Burner
Pharaoh Aromatherapy Lamp
Egyptian Cobra Aromatherapy Burner

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Pewter Wizard Aromatherapy Lamp
Wizard Head Aromatherapy Lamp
Wizard Ball Aromatherapy Lamp
Fire Wizard Aromatherapy Lamp
Deluxe Pewter Wizard Aroma Burner

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Twin Fairy Aromatherapy Lamp
Fairy Aromatherapy Lamp
Sitting Fairy Aromatherapy Lamp
Pewter Fairy Lamp
Fire Fairies Aromatherapy Burner
Deluxe Pewter Fairy Aroma Burner
Fairy Garden Aroma Burner

Reaper & Skull
Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Reaper Aromatherapy Burner
Death Scryer Aromatherapy Lamp
Meditation Skeletons Aromatherapy Lamp
Rose and Skulls Aromatherapy Lamp
Hanging Reaper Incense Burner
Spellcasting Reapers Aromatherapy Burner

Aromatherapy Lamps & Diffusers
[ Shop by picture ]

Zodiac Aromatherapy Lamp
OM Symbol Aromatherapy Lamp
Mermaid Aromatherapy Lamp
Gargoyle Aromatherapy Lamp
Gargoyle Aroma Burner and Fountain
Celtic Circle Aromatherapy Lamp
Celtic Spiral Aromatherapy Lamp
Living Tree Aromatherapy Lamp
Mushroom Aromatherapy Lamp
Mayan Temple Aromatherapy Lamp
Troll Aromatherapy Burner
Yoga Aromatherapy Burner
Stonehenge Aromatherapy Burner
Aromatherapy Lamp Burner Replacement Dish
Om Designer Aroma Burner
Classic Rose Aromatherapy Burner
Hand of the Universe Aromatherapy Burner
Guardian Hands Aromatherapy Burner
Salt Lamp Aromatherapy Burner
Medusa Oil Diffuser
Day of the Dead Aromatherapy Burner
Gargoyle Aromatherapy Burner of Honor

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