The censer or incense burner in neo-pagan witchcraft is used for burning incense, herbs, wood and other substances, to cleanse and purify the air before rituals. Censing, which represents the element of air, exorcises and keeps unwanted energies away from the magic site; offers sweet air to the God and Goddess; raises vibrational rates and summons energies; relaxes the senses; and contains and concentrates power. The act of burning incense or other substances is also known as carrying our wishes up to the God and Goddess.

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Incense Burners

Large Roman Urn Burner

Roman Urn

Roman Urn with Lid Burner & Candle Holder

Etruscan Censer

Etruscan Charcoal Burner

Silver Plated Three Leg Burner

Hanging Incense Burners

Copper Hanging Incense Burner

Standing Incense Burners

Handle Incense Burner

Jewel Incense Burner

Temple Burner

Bamboo Tower Incense Burner

Celtic Incense Burner

Celtic Double Incense Burner

Box Burner

Simple Brass Incense Burner

Simple Incense Burner

Large Ornate Burner

Celtic Knot Deluxe Burner

Deluxe Ceremonial Incense Burner

Quarter or Watchtower Burners

Lotus Burner

Bronze Screen Burner

Large Bronze Screen Burner

Triquetra Large Bronze Screen Burner

Brass Screen Burner

Temple Sand Burner

Deluxe Temple Sand Burner

Ganesh Temple Sand Burner

Wiccan Nature Burner

Coven Sand Burner

Pendulum Drop Hanging Burner

Simple Brass Altar Burner

Soap Stone Tall Incense Burner

Soap Stone Tower Incense Burner

Tower Box Incense Burner

Lotus Stick Burner

Triquetra Smoking Tower

Charging and Cleansing Incense Burner Kit

Lotus Smoking Burner

Incense Ball Censer

Altar Kettle Censer

Lotus Bowl Burner

Nature Bowl Burner

Round Star Burner

Stone Bowl Burner

Tibetan Knot Incense Burner

Celtic Screen Pot Burner

Goblet Style Incense Burner

Altar Quarters Burner Set

Wiccan Way Incense Burner Set

Leaf Burner Set

Open Bowl Burner

Good Fortune Incense Burner

Traditional Offering Incense Burner

King Tower Burner

Celtic Temple Screen Burner

Triquetra Forest Ash Catcher

Altar Bowl Burner

Triquetra Gem Stick Incense Burner

Triquetra Standing Stick Incense Burner

Copper and Brass Hanging Burner

Triquetra Tall Temple Incense Burner

Lotus Sand Burner

Triquetra Incense Burner Round

Triquetra Stick and Cone Burner

Triquetra Hanging Burner

Wiccan Stick Burner Set

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