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Ritual Items
Chalices, Athames, Altar Covers, Pentacles Plaques, Boxes, Cauldrons & Scrying Bowls, Wardrobe & Ritual Wear, Bottles & Jars, Bags, Pouches & Pillows, Altar & Home Curtains, Altar Kits, Bells, Miscellaneous & more.
Pentacles & Pentagrams, Ankh, Stone, Folklore, God & Goddess, Egyptian, Rings & Poison Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Headbands, Anklets & Bellychains, Celtic, Pins & Brooches, Arm Bands, Zodiac & Astrology, Miscellaneous
Gifts & Novelties
Pewter Figures, Tic Tac Toe Boards, Fantasy Clocks, Keychains, Light Switch Plates, Postcards, Puzzles, Rubber Stamps, Bumper Stickers, Window Decals, plates, globes, suncatchers & more.
Candles, Oils & Salts, Aromatherapy Kit, Aroma Gem Candles, Goddess Soap
Witchcraft, Wicca, Courses, Candles, Herbs, Incense, Oils, Egyptian, Voodoo, Santeria, Ancient Magic, Kabbalah, Dark Magic, Spellbooks & more
Tapers, Votives & Altar Candles, Specialty Candles, God & Goddess Candles, Spell Kit Candles
Witchcraft Course
The Complete Homestudy Course in Witchcraft was designed specifically to provide everything needed to create a personal foundation on which one can build his or her own understanding and practice of Witchcraft.
Voodoo Doll Kits
We have put together a complete Voodoo Doll Spell Kit based on study and practice. The kit comes with a doll, pin, candle, incense, powder, feather, talisman and various spells to use.
Alien Items
Includes general alien merchandise such as statues, boxes, pendants, bags, sunglasses, lava lamp, door beads, keychains, candle holders, and incense burners.
Stones & Crystals
Crystals, Stones, Miscellaneous
Gods, Goddesses, Gargoyles, Wizards, Dragons, Fairies & More!
Ritual Wands
Pewter Wands, Pure Stone Wands, Designer Wands
Incense Burners
Fantasy, Fancy, Brass & Silver, Celestial, Aromatherapy Lamps, Other Burners, God & Goddess, Ash Catchers & Box Burners
Candle Holders
Pentacles or Pentagrams, Dragons, Gothic, Shadow Casters, Wizards, Candle Holder Chalices, Gargoyles, Skulls, Brass, Goddesses, Altars & Shrines, Candle Mirrors, Designer Candle Holders
Divination Items
Crystal Balls, Crystal Ball Stands, Scrying Mirrors, Spirit Boards, Pendulums & Rune Sets, Tarot Cards & Divination, Dowsing Rods, Designer Stands with Austrian Crystal Balls
Charm Bags
Charm bags are a very simple and versatile form of Magick. Used most commonly in Witchcraft and Voodoo, they offer a "portable" form of spellcasting.
A variety of music CDs from drums and nature to chakra balancing and sing alongs.
Incense, Oils, Powders & Herbs
Granular Incense, Oils & Powders, Stick & Cone Incense, Charcoal Tablets, Amber Resin, Herbs & Roots.
Mind, Body
& Spirit

Currently featuring a variety of Yoga instructional videos, books and supplies.
Newest Products
Here you will find some of the newest products in our line. Look for the symbol throughout our website for more new and exciting additions.
Current Specials
Browse through our ever-changing list of sales, specials, closeouts & overstock pricing.

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