Athames (also known as ritual knifes) are a witches personal, magical knife. In neo-pagan witchcraft the athame is used only for casting the circle, and never for cutting. Other older traditions use the knife as much as possible in the belief that its power increases with use. The athame is associated with the element of fire (in some traditions, air). The athame is also used in many invocations, evocations, calling the watchtowers, LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram), spellwork, ceremonies, initiation, and various rituals and rites.

Medusa Athame with Stand

The story of Medusa: Perseus, son of the king of Athens, is sent by the Goddess Athene to a quest for the head of the gorgon Medusa. Medusa is a snake-haired monster living in Asia minor. Her ability is to petrify any attacker. Perseus wins severeal special weapons from the Gods at secondary quests, a magic hood of Hermes is one of it. Finally he finds and decapitates Medusa. On his way back, he frees Andromeda, daughter of a local king who should be sacrificed to a sea monster. Of course the hero marries the princess. Her previous fiancÚ, looking for vengeance, was killed by Perseus by pertrifying him using Medusa's head. Andromeda and Perseus travel back to Athens. This amazing rare pewter athame is 6.5 inches and comes with a pewter snake stand

Due to the size and shape of the athame by ordering you are certifying that you are over the age of 18.

Item #: JK06, Price: $29.99

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