Many people say that candles lit in ones home pleases the fire elementals and brings good fortune to the aura of the house.

Skull Candles

Skull candles are use in spells for love, cursing, money, controlling and healing, among others. To use these 5 inch candles, you rub the appropriate oil on the candle and write on parchment paper your spell or request. Place the paper under the skull candle. With the appropriate powder, sprinkle a circle around the candle and then light it. Say aloud what it written on the parchment paper and allow the candle to burn for 15 minutes. Do this every night until the candle burns itself out. The candles are available in the following colors:

Red: love, passion, lust, friendship and happy marriage
White: healing, protection, uncrossing, removing negativity, legal matters and white magick
Green: money, luck, gambling, prosperity and justice
Black: cursing, hexing, break up lovers and black magick

      $ 6.99 each


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