A Chapter from the Introductory Lesson of
    The Complete Homestudy Course in Witchcraft

One of the most meaningful reasons for meditation is to focus yourself. Not only will it relax you, but it will quiet your mind, allowing you to proceed on your path. Meditate before any ceremony, ritual or spell; this is why we call meditation STEP ONE.

How do you meditate? There are many well-known methods. Included in this introductory lesson is a very effective beginner method of meditation. Following lessons will include advanced forms such as elemental and astral.

You Will Need

One large white candle
  (Use this same candle every time you meditate.)
  (When the candle runs out, get a new one and do the same.)

Matches or Lighter

Meditation Ritual

Light the candle and sit in front of it in any position you feel comfortable.
Breath deep; fill your lungs with air.
Repeat this seven times.
Look into the candle flame and clear your mind.
(Do this as much as possible.)
(At this point you probably cannot clear your mind.)
Take another three deep breaths.
Hum slightly.
Focus on looking into the candle flame.
(If looking directly into the flame hurts your eyes, look a bit below it.)
Keep humming.
You should feel your body relaxing.
Soon you will be in a trance state.
(Some describe this as a very relaxed state, hypnotic state, or floating free.)

Once you have reached this trance or relaxed state of mind, you are ready to proceed with the ceremony, ritual, spell or maybe even to face the day.

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