The censer or incense burner in neo-pagan witchcraft is used for burning incense, herbs, wood and other substances, to cleanse and purify the air before rituals. Censing, which represents the element of air, exorcises and keeps unwanted energies away from the magic site; offers sweet air to the God and Goddess; raises vibrational rates and summons energies; relaxes the senses; and contains and concentrates power. The act of burning incense or other substances is also known as carrying our wishes up to the God and Goddess.

Etruscan Censer
Incense Burner

The Etruscan Censer is a wonderful representation of Etruscan art from Etruria, which, by the 8th century B.C., spanned the area in Italy from the Salerno to the Tiber River. Etruscan art owes much to Greek sources but has skillful, naturalistic character of its own. This brass censer (censer: burning tool, especially for religious ceremonies) stands 15 inches tall. It is an unusually large piece, perfect for burning stick, cone, powder or granular incense.

Item #: MG09, Price: $72.00

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