The pentacle represents the element of earth. It is used to ground energy, purify, and assist in ritual work. Pentacles can also be hung upon the wall above the altar as a meditative or focusing tool. The pentacle is a good reminder of the five elements and spirit, when reversed it is a reminder of the sabbatic goat or the black arts.

First Pentacle of the Sun

Invoke the power of angelic magick with this talismanic plaque, the first pentacle of the sun from the Greater Key of Solomon Ring. This magickal talisman, bearing the graven image of the great angel Metatron, can be considered a centerpiece of the most famous medieval grimoire of the Qabalistic Hermetic Tradition. This pentacle may be placed on the altar to empower solar magickal workings in the day and hour of the sun, posted as a guardian above the entrance way to ones home, or used in ritual. This beautiful piece of work is 6.5 inches.

Item #: MT9, Price: $66.50

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