Here you will find New Age, Celtic, Pagan, Voodoo and other assorted music. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please send us an email and we'll be happy to hunt for it. We're always looking to grow our selection, so suggestions and special requests are particularly welcomed!


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General CD's
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Best of Pagan Song CD
Fire in the Head CD
Invocation of the Graces CD
Alchemy VII CD
Moonstruck CD
Seasons of the Witch Double CD
Celtic Nature CD
Auracle CD
Attunements for Dawn and Dusk CD
Celestial Music for Yoga CD
Chanting the Chakras CD
Bending Tradition CD
Box of Fairies CD
Celtic Drums CD
Protection, Drum Prayers CD
Beneath the Veil CD
Beneath the Waves CD
Ritual CD
Sacred Sounds of Santeria CD
Gaia Circles CD
Evolve CD
Between the Branches CD
Great Turning CD
Parthenogenesis CD
Voodoo CD
Beyond the Sky CD
Beyond the Pale CD
A Celtic Journey CD
Ancient Mother CD
Ancient Power CD
Dark Goddess CD
Inner Temple of Witchcraft CD
How to become a Spiritual Alchemist
Color Meditation Align your Chakras CD
Earth Drum CD/DVD
Meet your Master Guide CD
Meet your Power Animal CD
Outer Temple of Witchcraft CD
Past Life Regression CD
Chakra Healing Chants CD
Chakra Healing Zone CD
Circle Round and Sing CD
In the Arms of the Wild CD
Journey of the Goddess CD
Elements of Chants CD
Rite the First Time CD
Songs of the Circle CD
Theres no Place Like Ohm CD Kit
Burning Thread CD
Celtic Cosmos CD
Celtic Crescent CD
Blessings to You CD
Chakra Balancing CD
Meditation for Beginners 2 CD Set
Celtic Cross CD
Fairy Heart Magic CD
Legends of the Drum CD
Book of Shadows CD
Broceliande CD
The Beginner's Guide To Wicca CD
Circle of the Seasons CD
Secret Voices CD
Enchantment CD
Witch of the Wildwoods CD
Blackwood CD
Year is a Dancing Woman Vol.I CD
Year is a Dancing Woman Vol.II CD
Chakra Crystal Workshop & Meditation
Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation CD
Doorways CD
Lesser Ritual of Banishment CD
Gaia, Earth Goddess CD
Drum Medicine CD
Mastering the Art of Astral Projection
Meditations on the 4 Elements CD
Music of the Tarot CD
Opening to Channeling CD
Spirit Nation CD

Yoga CD's   from our Mind, Body & Spirit section
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A.M. and P.M. Yoga Chants by Russill Paul
A.M. Yoga Chants: Music & Chant for Yoga & Vitality by Russill Paul
A.M. and P.M. Yoga Melodies by Brian Scott Bennett
Ashtanga Yoga: First Series by David Swenson
Ashtanga Yoga: Short Forms by David Swenson
Basic Class: Jivamukti Yoga Class, Vol.1 by Life, David & Laswell, Bill
Beginner's Guide to Yoga by Shiva Rea
Chakra Yoga Meditation by Surajit Das
Celestial Yoga by Jonathan Goldman
Deep Peace: Music for Yoga & Relaxation by Todd Norian
Divine Yoga Flow: Yoga with Ateeka by Terra Entertainment
Energy Awareness Meditations by Sudhir Jonatan Foust

Sounds of Nature CD's
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Dolphins CD
Dusk CD
Humpback Whales CD
Jungle CD
Mountain Stream CD
Pachelbel in the Garden CD
Paradise Island CD
Rainforest CD
Reiki: The Healing Birdsong CD
Rock Water CD
Sea and Dolphins CD
Sounds for Love: Hawaii CD
Sounds of Nature: Sampler CD
Sounds of Nature: Thunderstorm CD
Sounds of the Night CD
Sounds of the Sea: Pure Sounds of Nature CD
Storm CD
Tropical Twilight CD
Whales CD
Wolves CD
Wolves in the Wind CD
Wood Fire CD

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