A huge selection of pendants and necklaces for various magical reasons such as communication with animals, mastery of the magical arts, secret seal of Solomon, psychic abilities, healing, and much more.

Spellcasting Jewelry


Chains & Cords

Pentacles & Pentagrams
   • Simple
   • Animals & Mythology
   • Celtic
   • Nature
   • Earrings
   • Rings & Toe Rings
   • God, Goddess & Lunar
   • Bracelets & Armbands
   • Headbands, Anklets
     & Bellychains

   • Aroma Pendants
   • Everything Else
   • Dark Side
Egyptian Jewelry
   • Ankhs
   • Bracelets
   • Other
   • Gods & Goddesses
   • Rings & Earrings
Planetary, Zodiac
& Spellcasting Jewelry

   • Planetary
   • Zodiac
» • Spellcasting
Wiccan & Pagan
God & Goddess Jewelry

   • Goddess Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • God Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings
   • Bracelets & Anklets
   • Earrings & Earwraps
   • Armbands, Headbands
     & Crowns

Celtic Jewelry
   • Necklaces, Pendants,
     Bracelets & Earrings

   • Pins, Brooches,
     Armbands, Anklets
     & Rings

Dragons, Fairies, &
Other Mystical Creatures

   • Dragon Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Ocean Creature
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Unicorn & Pegasus
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Bat Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Other Mystical Creatures
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Fairy Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Mermaid Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings, Earrings
     Anklets & Bracelets

Misc. Jewelry
   • Wiccan & Pagan
   • Rings
   • Earrings
   • Bracelets & Headbands
   • Stone
   • Misc. Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Anklets & Bellychains
Voodoo, Santeria
& Other Side Jewelry

   • Voodoo & Santeria
   • Other Side

Body Jewelry
Oil Bottle Necklaces
Armor Jewelry
Belt Buckles
Fairy Dust Pendant
   Gift Sets

Astrologers Star Pendant

Mastery of the Arts Pendant

Talisman of Invisibility Pendant

Pentacle to Attain Love Pendant

Attract Love Pendant

Repel Evil Pendant

Talisman to Win the Favor of Good Spirits

Runic Love Amulet

Talisman for Luck Pendant

Talisman for Good Health Pendant

Talisman For Communication With Animals

Secret Seal of Solomon Pendant

Magic Triangle of Solomon Necklace

The Seer Pendant

Runestone Pendants

The Conjuration of Powers Necklace

The Seal of the Earth Necklace

The Seal of Barbuelis Necklace

The Seal of Antiquelis Necklace

Control Evil Spirits Necklace

Fate Talisman Necklace

Tarot Wheel Pendant

Armanen Runes Pendant

The Lunate Cross

The Healers Talisman

Prosperity Pendant

Knowledge, Courage and Will Pendant

Wheel of Being Pendant

Wheel of Being Ring

Wisdom of the Winds Pendant

Psychic Dagger Pendant

Sigil of Defense Pendant

Shield of Protection Amulet

Aegishjalmur - Invincibility In Battle Rune Necklace

The Helm of Awe - Victory In Battle Rune Necklace

Sri Yantra Wealth Necklace

Earth Spirits Ring Necklace

The Conjuring Pendant

Pentacle of Earth Pendant

The Magic Circle Pendant

Talisman for Riches Necklace

Love Talisman Necklace

Wisdom Talisman Necklace

Hexagram of Solomon Necklace

Seal of Solomon - Michael Pendant

Seal of Solomon - Gabriel Pendant

Seal of Solomon - Raphael Pendant

Seal of Solomon - Zadkiel Pendant

Seal of Solomon - Samael Pendant

Seal of Solomon - Thavael Pendant

Seal of Solomon - Uriel Pendant

First Pentacle of the Sun Pendant

The Pentacle of Solomon Pendant

Talisman for Performers Necklace

Talisman for Poets Necklace

Solomon's Key Necklace

The Compass of Fortunes Necklace

Communication with Animals Ring

Sage Healing Ring

Cimaruta Pendant

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