A vast assortment of God pendants and necklaces for Wiccans and Pagans. From Pan and the Greenman to Cernunnos, Odin, Herne, Thor or Poseidon, you'll find a wide range of incredible god jewelry designs here.

God Pendants and Necklaces


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Pan Necklace

Deluxe Pan Pendant

Pan Seal Necklace

Dancing Pan Necklace

Shaman of Trois-Freres Necklace

Statue Shaman of Trois-Freres Necklace

Green Man Face Necklace

Green Man Horned Necklace

Green Man Nature Necklace

Green Man Deluxe Pendant

High Deluxe Green Man Pendant

Green Man and Goddess Necklace

Round Cernunnos Necklace

Square Cernunnos Necklace

Green Man Pendant

Green Man Pendant in Vermeil

Horned God Pendant

Spiral Lord Pendant

Forest Lord Pendant

Sun God Pendant

Lord of the Forest Pendant

Odin's Magic Spear Pendant

Wild God Horn Pendant

The Horned One of Ceremony Pendant

Ganesh Rose Quartz Necklace

Horned Cernunnos Pendant

Herne the Horned God Pendant

Seated Thor Pendant

Odin Circle Pendant

Pan Theban Pendant

Deluxe Lugh Pendant

Shiva Lingam Pendant

God Tree Pendant

Eye of Shiva Pendant

Greenman Planetary Pendant

Seated Odin Pendant

Seated Freyr Pendant

Seated Tyr Pendant

Seated Loki Pendant

Green Man Bell Pendant

Bronze Cernunnos Pendant

Traditional Pan with Flute Pendant

God and Goddess Charge Pendant

Thor's Hammer Bronze Pendant

Bronze Wild God Pendant

Valhalla A Warriors Pendant

Ashur God of War Pendant

Bindrune Thor Hammer Necklace

Greenman of the Forest Necklace

Greenman Life Necklace

Poseidon's Trident Necklace

Horned God of Nature Pendant

Greenman Running Forest Pendant

Green Man Pendant Jovial

Ganesh Prayer Pendant

Green Man Daily Wear Pendant

Herne Pendant Forest

Thor's Hammer Battle Necklace

Ram's Head Thor's Hammer

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