Here you will find some very unique mystical creature pieces of jewelry including rings, earrings, earwraps, anklets, bracelets and wristbands. Many creatures are featured such as dragons, pegasus, mermaids, snakes, fairies, unicorns, wolves, gargoyles, ravens and more.

Mystical Creatures Jewelry
Rings, Earrings, Earwraps, Anklets and Bracelets


Chains & Cords

Pentacles & Pentagrams
   • Simple
   • Animals & Mythology
   • Celtic
   • Nature
   • Earrings
   • Rings & Toe Rings
   • God, Goddess & Lunar
   • Bracelets & Armbands
   • Headbands, Anklets
     & Bellychains

   • Aroma Pendants
   • Everything Else
   • Dark Side
Egyptian Jewelry
   • Ankhs
   • Bracelets
   • Other
   • Gods & Goddesses
   • Rings & Earrings
Planetary, Zodiac
& Spellcasting Jewelry

   • Planetary
   • Zodiac
   • Spellcasting
Wiccan & Pagan
God & Goddess Jewelry

   • Goddess Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • God Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings
   • Bracelets & Anklets
   • Earrings & Earwraps
   • Armbands, Headbands
     & Crowns

Celtic Jewelry
   • Necklaces, Pendants,
     Bracelets & Earrings

   • Pins, Brooches,
     Armbands, Anklets
     & Rings

Dragons, Fairies, &
Other Mystical Creatures

   • Dragon Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Ocean Creature
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Unicorn & Pegasus
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Bat Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Other Mystical Creatures
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Fairy Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Mermaid Pendants
     & Necklaces

» • Rings, Earrings
     Anklets & Bracelets

Misc. Jewelry
   • Wiccan & Pagan
   • Rings
   • Earrings
   • Bracelets & Headbands
   • Stone
   • Misc. Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Anklets & Bellychains
Voodoo, Santeria
& Other Side Jewelry

   • Voodoo & Santeria
   • Other Side

Body Jewelry
Oil Bottle Necklaces
Armor Jewelry
Belt Buckles
Fairy Dust Pendant
   Gift Sets

Dragon with Amethyst Ring

Winged Dragon Ring

Whale Tail with Malachite Ring

Pegasus Remember Ring

Dragon Remember Ring

Dragon Claw Ring

Copper Dragon Bracelet

Double Dragon Bracelet

Long Dragon Bracelet

Winged Dragon Bracelet

Open Dragon Bracelet

Mermaid Remember Ring

Mermaid Power Ring

Cobra Hunting Ring

Snake Poison Ring

Snake Upper Arm Bracelet

Snake Deluxe Bracelet

Coiled Snake with Amethyst Earrings

Winged Dragon Earrings

Pass'n Through Dragon Stud

Vine Snake Bracelet

Fairy Earwrap

Fairy Wings Earwrap

Fairy Flower Ring

Traditional Fairy Ring

Fairy Power Bracelet

Traditional Fairy Bracelet

Fairy Wrap Bracelet

Sitting Dragon Earwrap

Flying Dragon Earwrap

Dragon Wrap Earcuff

Deluxe Fairy Goddess Hair Amulet

Vampire Bat Bracelet

Fairy Stone Anklet

Raven Bracelet

Cat Moon Earrings

Unicorn Earwrap

Unicorn Head Earwrap

Snake Pass Through Ear Cuff

Crescent Moon Dragon Ring

Double Dragon Ring

Dragon Circle Ring

Fairy Star Ring

Fairy Star Spinner Ring

Fairy Star Stud Earrings

Deluxe Fairy Magick Bracelet

Vampire Bat Studs

Gem of the Dragon Earrings

Golden Fairy Goddess Earrings

Golden Fairy Goddess Bracelet

Bat Wings Earrings

Adder Bite Deluxe Ring

Dolphin Wave Earrings

Dragon Flight Earrings

Wish Fairy Earrings

Harmony Fairy Earrings

Wolf Slave Ring Set

Wyverex Dragon Watch

Snake Bite Bracelet

Vampire Bat Leather Wristband

Mystic Dragon Tail Stud

Vampire Love Earring

Intertwined Snakes Ring

Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Ring

Playful Pixie Ring

Water Mermaid Deluxe Ring

Fairy Winged Earcuff

Snake Magick Earcuff

Fairy Star Dangle Earrings

Swirling Dragons Bracelet

Familiar Cat Bracelet

Gargoyle Protection Ring

Wrapping Dragon Ear Cuff

Anglo Saxon Dragon Ring

Raven's Eye Stud

Dual Snake Bracelet

Bear Claw Power Ring

Raven Earrings

Pentacle of the Ravens Ring

Unicorn Medallion Ring

Raven Sterling and Leather Bracelet and Choker

Pentacle Raven Ring

Deluxe Celtic Fairy Ring

Dragon Totem Ring

Wolf Spirit Ring

Dragon Ornate Earrings

Power of the Owl Ring

Howling Wolf with Stone Earrings

Magical Dragontine Stud

Deluxe Viper Bracelet

Goddess Fairy Bracelet

Winged Dragon Bracelet

Tor Dragon Pass Through Earring

Bat Ear Wrap

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