Here you will find a broad assortment of jewelry pieces tailored to Wiccans and Pagans. This is a grab bag of pendants, necklaces, rings, and the unusual. If you're looking for a unique piece of jewelry that you won't find in every store, look no further.

Wiccan and Pagan
Misc. Jewelry


Chains & Cords

Pentacles & Pentagrams
   • Simple
   • Animals & Mythology
   • Celtic
   • Nature
   • Earrings
   • Rings & Toe Rings
   • God, Goddess & Lunar
   • Bracelets & Armbands
   • Headbands, Anklets
     & Bellychains

   • Aroma Pendants
   • Everything Else
   • Dark Side
Egyptian Jewelry
   • Ankhs
   • Bracelets
   • Other
   • Gods & Goddesses
   • Rings & Earrings
Planetary, Zodiac
& Spellcasting Jewelry

   • Planetary
   • Zodiac
   • Spellcasting
Wiccan & Pagan
God & Goddess Jewelry

   • Goddess Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • God Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings
   • Bracelets & Anklets
   • Earrings & Earwraps
   • Armbands, Headbands
     & Crowns

Celtic Jewelry
   • Necklaces, Pendants,
     Bracelets & Earrings

   • Pins, Brooches,
     Armbands, Anklets
     & Rings

Dragons, Fairies, &
Other Mystical Creatures

   • Dragon Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Ocean Creature
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Unicorn & Pegasus
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Bat Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Other Mystical Creatures
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Fairy Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Mermaid Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings, Earrings
     Anklets & Bracelets

Misc. Jewelry
» • Wiccan & Pagan
   • Rings
   • Earrings
   • Bracelets & Headbands
   • Stone
   • Misc. Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Anklets & Bellychains
Voodoo, Santeria
& Other Side Jewelry

   • Voodoo & Santeria
   • Other Side

Body Jewelry
Oil Bottle Necklaces
Armor Jewelry
Belt Buckles
Fairy Dust Pendant
   Gift Sets

Four Sacred Thing for Witches Necklace

Witches Altar Pendant

Triple Sacred Necklace

Seer Wizard Necklace

Stag Pendant

Moon Athame Necklace

Witch with Cat Pendant

Crystal Wizard Head Pendant

Claw Athame Necklace

Witches Athame Necklace

Wizard Sword Necklace

Wheel of the Year Pendant

Witches Broom Pendant

Witches Knot Pendant

Mystic Moon Cat Pendant

Broom Moon Pendant

Witch Scrying Ball Pendant

Wizard Scrying Ball Pendant

Wizardry Symbol Pendant

Spirit of the Witch Pendant

Familiar Pendant

Cadeusus Healers Staff Necklace

Wiccan Wand Pendants

Natures Spiral Pendant

Sabbat Astrological Pendant

Traditional Scrying Mirror Pendant

Wheel of the Year Deluxe Pendants

Traditional Witchcraft Pendant

Nature Wand Pendant

Pentacle Wand Necklace

Magic Wand Necklace

Sword of Light Necklace

Wizard Dagger Necklace

Scrying Wizard Necklace

Conjuring Wizard Necklace

Wizard Protection Necklace

Druid Priest Necklace

The Seer Wand Necklace

Magical Blade Pendant

Wizard Wand Necklace

Druid Wand Necklace

Raven Wand Necklace

Spiral Wand Necklace

Celtic Visions Wand Necklace

Pentacle Leaf Wand Necklace

Dragon Wand Necklace

Seashells Wand Necklace

Shaman Wand Necklace

Moon Dancers Necklace

Druid Priest Medallion Necklace

Guardian of the Four Quarters Necklace

Moon Phase Zodiac Wheel

Witches Power Ring Necklace

Wizardry Power Ring Necklace

Rune Power Ring Necklace

Ancient Druid Bone Necklace

Mayan Goddess Necklace

Blessed Be Broom Pendant

Owl Athame Pendant

Summer Solstice Pendant

Wizard with Crystal Ball Pendant

Wiccan Nature Pendant

Coven Power Pendant

The Star of Olympus Necklace

Deluxe Oak Leaf Necklace

Raven Cat Necklace

Deluxe Witches Athame Pendant

Wiccan Goblet Pendant

Wizard with Pentagram Staff Pendant

Triple Moon Wizard Pendant

Two Trees Grove Pendant

The Sabbat Pendant

Wiccan Two Trees Pendant

New Moon Magick Pendant

Salem Sexy Witch on Broom Pendant

The Salem Witch Pendant

Druid Power Pendant

Beads, Charms, Bracelets & Chains

Spiritual Energy Wand Necklace

Protection and Energy Wand Necklace

Pagan Wheel Necklace

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