A huge assortment of other side jewelry for those who follow the left hand path or practice the dark arts of black magic. This selection includes pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, earcuffs and chokers.

Other Side Jewelry


Chains & Cords

Pentacles & Pentagrams
   • Simple
   • Animals & Mythology
   • Celtic
   • Nature
   • Earrings
   • Rings & Toe Rings
   • God, Goddess & Lunar
   • Bracelets & Armbands
   • Headbands, Anklets
     & Bellychains

   • Aroma Pendants
   • Everything Else
   • Dark Side
Egyptian Jewelry
   • Ankhs
   • Bracelets
   • Other
   • Gods & Goddesses
   • Rings & Earrings
Planetary, Zodiac
& Spellcasting Jewelry

   • Planetary
   • Zodiac
   • Spellcasting
Wiccan & Pagan
God & Goddess Jewelry

   • Goddess Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • God Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings
   • Bracelets & Anklets
   • Earrings & Earwraps
   • Armbands, Headbands
     & Crowns

Celtic Jewelry
   • Necklaces, Pendants,
     Bracelets & Earrings

   • Pins, Brooches,
     Armbands, Anklets
     & Rings

Dragons, Fairies, &
Other Mystical Creatures

   • Dragon Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Ocean Creature
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Unicorn & Pegasus
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Bat Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Other Mystical Creatures
     Pendants & Necklaces

   • Fairy Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Mermaid Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Rings, Earrings
     Anklets & Bracelets

Misc. Jewelry
   • Wiccan & Pagan
   • Rings
   • Earrings
   • Bracelets & Headbands
   • Stone
   • Misc. Pendants
     & Necklaces

   • Anklets & Bellychains
Voodoo, Santeria
& Other Side Jewelry

   • Voodoo & Santeria
» • Other Side

Body Jewelry
Oil Bottle Necklaces
Armor Jewelry
Belt Buckles
Fairy Dust Pendant
   Gift Sets

Nightwing Pendant

Crom Pendant

Vampire Slayers Cross Necklace

Rams Head Necklace

Necronomicon Pendant

Skull and Bat with Stone Necklace

Sorcerors Dagger Necklace

Sabbatic Goat Necklace

Baphomet Necklace and Candle Set

Baphomet Pentagram Pendant

Baphomet Star Pentagram Necklace

Baphomet Goat Pentagram Pendant

Baphomet God Pendant

Speculum Pendant

Skull Mortalitas Potion Necklace

God of Hades Pendant

Devil Skull Ring

Poison Skull Pendant

Dark Magick Necklace

Flame of Hades Necklace

Black Magick Pendant

Black Magick Pentacle Pendant

Demon Inverted Pentagram Pendant

Cthulhu Pendant

Demon Athame Pendant

Vampire Fangs Necklace

Angel of Doom Necklace

Horned Skull Charm Pendant

Sword of Darkness Necklace

Mound of Death Dog Tag Necklace

Gothic Skulls Bracelet

Vampyr Skull Ring

Shadow of Death Ring

Deluxe Necromancy Necklace

Reaper's Blades Necklace

Elemental Fire Demon Ring

Simple Cthulhu Necklace

Demon Killer Sword Necklace

Nexangelus Reaper Necklace

Malis Fortuna Misfortune Necklace

Death Ring of Hidden Secrets Choker

Enochian Alphabet Skull Ring

Baphomet Cloak Brooch

Seven Deadly Sins Ring

Devil's Fork Earring

Death Dagger Pendant

Reaper Shadow Ring

Baphomet Skull Ring

Eyes of the Skull Ring

Cobra Skull Ring

Skull Spinner Ring

Angel of Death Necklace

Grim Reaper Underworld Bracelet

The Reaper Calling Bracelet

Grim Reaper Medallion Pendant

Reaper of Time Necklace

Dark Coven Necklace

Dark One Pendant

Devil's Hand Pendant

Vampire Darkness Necklace

Black Crystal Darkness Necklace

Necromantic Foresight Necklace

Deathlock Necklace

Hands of Light and Dark Ring

Necromancy Sigil Ring

Dead Body Earcuff

Skull Studs

The Vampyre Necklace

Vampire Fang Bracelet

Vampire Fangs Pendant

Vampire Fangs Ring

Dark Ram Skull Necklace

Blade Skull Pendant

Pendulum Drop Skull Necklace

Dark God Mystic Pendant

Grimnir Necklace

The Haunted Necklace

Ezekiel Bracelet

Original Sin Necklace

Flame of Hades Necklace

The Hell Ring

Skull Pendant Death Awaits

Baphomet Medallion Necklace

Baphomet Goat Amulet

Overlord Chaos Necklace

A Rose for Eve Necklace

Aiwass Bracelet Cuff

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