Rites and Rituals of Traditional Witchcraft
by Tony Steele

This book describes the magical workings and beliefs of a branch of traditional witchcraft carried out by the pagan Fryske and surviving into the present day. The construction and use of megaliths and ley lines, or lines of power; how to tap into the Dragon or Serpent power latent in the Earth; the magical alphabet, runes, lore and deities, the Oera Linda book - reputedly an ancient text of magical teaching - authentic or fake?; the magical uses of different types of rock and metals, energising and healing the earth and its inhabitants; contacting and working with elementals. The book is based upon considerable research and practical experience by the author who was taught by descendants of the pagan Fryske or water witches. Contains much previously unpublished material in a readable, challenging and informative text.

Item #: NLW084, Price: $21.95

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