Many Native Americans believe everyone has two animal spirits who walk with them, one on the left and one on the right. These animals appear to you in dreams and visions to guide and protect you along your path in life. You also have a guide within you which envelopes and surrounds your very being. It is through this guide that you derive your personal strength, and it is with this animals medicine that you can shape your path in life.

Animal Spirit Guide Necklaces

These animal spirit medallions come in antique pewter, each hung with three trinkets special for that animal. Each piece comes mounted on a card describing the medicine (influences) of that animal spirit and instructions and tips on choosing an animal spirit guide. Available are 24 necklaces: bear, beaver, buffalo, butterfly, coyote, dog, dolphin, eagle, frog, hare, hawk, horse, hummingbird, lizard, moose, mountain lion, otter, owl, raven, salmon, snake, turtle, whale and wolf. Each piece is about 2 inches.

Item #: NVASx, Price: $17.99/each

Bear           #NVAS1:   
Beaver         #NVAS2:   
Buffalo        #NVAS3:   
Butterfly      #NVAS4:   
Coyote         #NVAS5:   
Dog            #NVAS6:   
Dolphin        #NVAS7:   
Eagle          #NVAS8:   
Frog           #NVAS9:   
Hare           #NVAS10:  
Hawk           #NVAS11:  
Horse          #NVAS12:  
Hummingbird    #NVAS13:  
Lizard         #NVAS14:  
Moose          #NVAS15:  
Mountain Lion  #NVAS16:  
Otter          #NVAS17:  
Owl            #NVAS18:  
Raven          #NVAS19:  
Salmon         #NVAS20:  
Snake          #NVAS21:  
Turtle         #NVAS22:  
Whale          #NVAS23:  
Wolf           #NVAS24:  

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