The Ankh is the egyptian symbol of life. The tau or looped cross means both life and hand mirror. It is a symbol of regeneration, an amulet against bad luck and a talisman for good fortune. It also represents the union of the male principle (the staff) and the female principle (the closed loop).

Large Ankh with Scarab Necklace

The ankh the symbol of life and the scarab was one of the forms the Egyptian's Sun God would take. The scarab beetle was often seen rolling a ball of dung across the desert floor (to be used as food for its young). To the Egyptians, this suggested a metaphor for the movements of the sun across the sky, so that the scarab was synonymous with Ra, the Sun God. A scarab could be shown simply as a winged disc. Together, the scarab and the ankh could mean 'to live beneath the sun'. In other words, to be a human being. Pewter, about 3 inches, comes with black thong and card explaining the design.

Item #: NVLANK, Price: $15.00

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