The custom of burning incense, using powders and using perfume oils has changed but little since ancient times. The practitioner of magic may solemnly anoint her candles with oil, purify the altar with incense and sprinkle powder around her home. Incense, oils and powders, when used properly, can change the vibratory energies and increase the chances of success in rituals.

Incense, Oils, Powders, Herbs & Roots

Granular Occult Incense

Occult Oils

Essential Oils

Genie Bottle Purest Oils

Occult Powders

Stick & Cone Incense

Escential Essences Stick & Cone Incense

Natural Resin Incenses

Herb Grinder with Pentagram

Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal Tongs

Amber Resin

White Sage

Smudge Set

Abalone with Shasta Sage

Sweetgrass Braid

Herbs & Roots

Herbal Scents Kits

Ritual Sand

Bath & Floor Washes

Santeria Orisha Herbal Baths

Herb Cleansing Kit

Chakra Oil Kit

Lavender Sage Smudge Stick

Four Thieves Vinegar
Graveyard Dirt
Pillow Powder
Blessed Holy Water
Florida Water
Sea Salt
Palm Oil
Goofer's Dust
Dragon's Blood Oil
Sage Mist
Devil Pod
& More!

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