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Welcome to Abaxion's Paranormality Webring!
Please read this entire page before attempting to add your site.

What is the Paranormality Webring?

The specific purpose of the Paranormality Webring is to maintain a loop of web sites on the internet that have paranormal themes. We try to keep the definition of 'Parnormality' loose to make the webring interesting to a variety of people interested in a wide range of topics that are off the beaten path. Some sample themes are as follows:

Mythology: Werewolves, Vampires, Mermaids, Mystical Creatures, Gods, Goddesses
Aliens: Abductions, UFO's, Encounters, Experiments
Magick: Spellcasting, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Occultism, High Magick
Psychic Powers: Telepathy, Psychokenesis, E.S.P., Astral Travel, Prophecy, Tarot
Afterlife: Ghosts, Poltergeists, Hauntings, N.D.E.

How to Include Your Website

Download the Paranormality graphics below. After you download these two graphics, be sure to upload them to your own site; your html code will call these graphics from your web site.
Paranormality Main Graphic      Paranormality Next Site Graphic

Fill in and submit this application form:
(The password you choose below will allow you to later edit your information.)
Once submitted, you will be notified of your site's webring ID to use in the HTML in Step 3.

      Key Words:
  When Finished:

Copy the Paranormality Webring HTML code into the web page that you want to add to the Paranormality Webring. You can simply copy and paste this code from the webpage pnw-code.txt. Once you have the code, modify it to include your site information. Instructions are included in the txt file.

The following is Abaxion's Paranormality Webring link. Your link should look just like this, but with your unique information of course.

Abaxion ParanormalityNext Paranormality Site
This Paranormality Webring site is owned by
Abaxion. Click for the [ Next Site ]
[ Previous Site | Skip | Next 5 Sites ]
Want to join the ring? Click here for info.

Let the Paranormality Ringleader know that you are ready to be added! Before final submission, make sure that you have completed the following:

1. Filled out the application form above and received your site ID number.
2. Downloaded the two Paranormality graphics and uploaded them to your web site's directory.
3. Inserted the HTML code into the page that you are submitting into the webring.
4. Modified the HTML code with your information, including the site ID number you were given.

        Site ID:
  When Finished:

That's It...

You will be notified as soon as you are added to the webring!


To edit your site attributes after you have been added (such as change your URL, email address, description, password, etc.), enter your site ID and password below:

   Your Site ID:
  Your Password:
  When Finished:


The Paranormlity Webring was created to be a benefit to all who join. However, there are some who attempt to abuse the ring. We really didn't want to post a list of 'Rules & Regulations', but there are always those who push the limits and need to be told what's right and what's wrong. As a result, we have posted this small list of activities that will have you promptly removed and banned from the webring:

1. If you place your Paranormality Webring code in a prominent place on your website and, after being accepted into the queue, you move your webring link to some deep, dark, dusty place on your site that nobody will find their way back to, you will be removed and banned from the ring.
2. If you remove the code entirely or modify the code in such a way that it does not function as it is supposed to, you will be removed and banned from the ring. This does not apply to simple and common errors that occur from time to time - only those that appear to be deliberate. (We reserve that judgement call.)
3. If the subject matter of your site suddenly (or even slowly) evolves into something inappropriate for the Paranormality Webring, or if your site displays offensive ads or other material, you will be removed from the ring.

And now for some guidelines that are simply guidelines. Most of these are common mistakes that folks make and others are just the preferences that we would like you to follow.

1. If you place your webring code on a designated 'Webring Page' or 'Links Page', please (oh please) make sure that there is a link on that page to your home page! This is a VERY common oversight - people will come to your site via the webring and not be provided with a link to find your pages... they end up stuck in your webring page only to move on to some other site.
2. If you place your webring code on a designated 'Webring Page' or 'Links Page', please have a link back to that page on your home page. If people are travelling along the Paranormality Webring, please don't make it painful for them to continue travelling by making them hunt for the link back to the Paranormality Link.
3. Please direct your listing in the Paranormality Queue to point to the web page that the Paranormality Link is on, or at least to a page where a link to 'Webrings' is prominent.
4. Please notify us at if you make any changes that affect the webring, or if you discover a problem with the webring. Please let us know how the Paranormality Webring is working for you.

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