Necronomicon Files
by Harms/ Gonce

Necronomicon - a mere glance at its pages send its readers shrieking into the night, their soul seared for all eternity! At least that`s what people want you to believe..... Thank goodness authors Daniel Harms and John Wisdom Gonce III set the record straight in this scholarly yet accessible history of the dreaded tome. The Necronomicon Files is an incredibly comprehensive guide to the Necronomicon that covers all aspects, legends, and factual history surrounding this nefarious book. From a complete history of the book as it evolved in the Cthulhu mythos started by Lovecraft and continued by others, to contemporary editions now available to the public. From appearances and references in movies and other media, to the actual magical concepts behind the fictional and published Necronomicon variants. Much more than just a dry, factual account, Harms`s and Gonce`s deep knowledge in their respective fields of interest bring the history and continuing influence of the Necronomicon alive with with and verve. Humorous and intriguing, this compassionate examination of the Necronmicon is a thorough repudiation of the myths surrounding it, yet preserves much of the romance and fascination associated with the legend..

Item #: PH01, Price: $26.95

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