The cup (also chalice, goblet) is associated with the female forces in the universe: fertility, beauty, the womb, earth, emotion, love, compassion, receptivity, instinct, intuition and the subconscious mind. It is the receptacle of spiritual forces. It is associated with the element of water. Held upright, the cup is the open womb, ready to receive. Held inverted, it symbolizes birth and realization. The chief purpose for the cup in neo-pagan witchcraft is to assist in concencrating the circle, toast the gods, spellcasting, scrying, and ritual work.

Angels of Enoch Chalice

Based on John Dee's 'De Heptarchia Mystica' of 1582 and Edward Kelley's scrying of the Angel magi system of the Seven Rulers. The names and seals of the seven Kings and their Princes are inscribed around the base, while the cup is engraved with the seals of the Four Watchtowers. With 14 worked bronze elements and 14 crystals inserted in the body and standing a huge 8 inches (210mm) high approximately. The base is 5 inches (130mm) wide.

Item #: QP043, Price: $356.95

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