The vibratory power of stones, considered precious or otherwise, was held in high esteem by the ancient Magi, Alchemists, Qabalists, Astrologers, Egyptian Priests, Healers, etc. Down through the ages, they have valued, studied, and taught the virtues of powers attributed to stones. Stones are used in ceremony, ritual and spellwork to enchance ones aura and/or to be used in conjuction with other items; herbs, talismans, etc. to help bring about ones wishes, or to represent certain influences of nature. Please note that some stones may vary in color and appearance.

Stones and Crystals

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Large Natural Quartz Crystal Points
Quartz Crystal Stone
Amethyst Points
Large Amethyst
Quartz Crystal Spheres Set
Rose Quartz Crystal Skull
Ice Crystals
Rose Quartz Crystal
Large Rose Quartz Crystal Points
Quartz Crystal Skull
The Crystal Wisdom Kit
Smoky Quartz Crystal
Green Aventurine Skull
Large Gemstone Skulls
Tangerine Quartz Points

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The Bloodstone
Multi-Tiger Eye
Apache Tears
Leopard Skin Stone
The Lodestone
The Moonstone
Petrified Wood
Red Tiger Eye
Rainbow Moonstone
Gold Tiger Eye
Green Moss Agate
Geode Stone
Gold Aura Stone
Psychic Aura Stone
Black Tourmaline Stone
Prasiolite Stone
Rhodocrosite Stone
Green Lodestone
Gold Lodestone
Apophylite Points
Chrysanthemum Stones
Lapis Lazuli
Snowflake Obsidian
Red Jasper
Red Fire Agate
Black Obsidian
Green Jasper
Malachite Large Single Face
Celestial Aura Stone
Chakra Aura Stone
Angelite Stone
Blue Chalcedony Stone
Nephrite Stone
Stromatolite Stone
Red Lodestone
Magnetic Sand
Citrine Natural Points
Arabic Stone

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The Grounding Crystal
The Collection of Stones
The Soothing Stones Set
Goddess Stones Set
Spiral Goddess Stones Set
The Chakra Collection
Mini Bottles w/Stones and Crystals
The Crystal Charging Kit
Crystal Stone Spell Mat
Wiccan Power Bloodstone Set
Stone Organza Spell Bags
Geometric Crystal Set
Pot of Peruvian Quartz, Pyrite & Gems
Amethyst Pyramid
Rose Quartz Pyramid
Chakra Crystal Workshop & Meditation
Blood Crystal Altar Stone
Gemstone Gift Set
Deluxe Mineral Set
Selenite Pyramid
Gold Aura Crystal Cluster
Psychic Aura Crystal Cluster
Triple Moon Goddess Tiger Eye Worry Stone
Quartz Pyramid
Mini Chakra Stone Kit
Moss Agate Pyramid
Sodalite Pyramid
Quartz Geometry Healing Set
Chakra Stones Bottle Set
Gemstone Lucky Horseshoe
Gemstones on Base Set
Selenite Spirals
Soothing Stones Gem Bag
Quartz Keychain
Amethyst Keychain
Geode Keychain
Bloodstone Worrystone
Tiger Eye Worrystone
Multi Tiger Eye Pyramids
Moss Agate Worry Stones
Clear Quartz Worry Stones
Amethyst Worry Stones
Rose Quartz Worry Stones
Moonstone Worry Stones
Green Aventurine Worry Stones
Discovering Crystals
Chakra Healing Set
Guardian Hands with Stones
Soothing Stones Pouch Set
Chakra Stones Box Set
Natural Agate Eyes
Four Elements Quartz Energizer
Celestial Aura Crystal Cluster
Chakra Aura Crystal Cluster
Pentagram Quartz WorryStone
Triquetra Amethyst Worry Stone
Bloodstone Pyramid
Rhodonite Pyramid
Aventurine Pyramid
Jasper Pyramid
Sphere Energy Set
Energy Balancing Kit
True Lava Skull
Gemstone Seller/Counter Display
7 Stone Pyramid
Pyramid Gemstone Box Set

Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls
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Mini Crystal Ball Starter Kit
40mm (1.6") Clear Round Crystal Ball
60mm (2.4") Clear Round Crystal Ball
65mm (2.6") Clear Round Crystal Ball
75mm (3") Clear Flat Bottom Crystal Ball
80mm (3.2") Clear Round Crystal Ball
100mm (4") Clear Flat Bottom Crystal Ball
110mm (4.3") Clear Round Crystal Ball
130mm (5.2") Clear Round Crystal Ball
150mm (6") Clear Round Crystal Ball
180mm (7.2") Clear Round Crystal Ball
200mm (8") Clear Round Crystal Ball
200mm (8") Clear Round Crystal Ball - Version 2
Gazing Ball 100mm

Crystal Balls
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Genuine Rose Quartz Crystal Ball
Genuine Tiger Eye Crystal Ball
Genuine Sodalite Crystal Ball
Genuine Obsidian Snowflake Crystal Ball
Cats Eye Crystal Ball with Stand
Genuine Amethyst Crystal Ball
Genuine Fluorite Crystal Ball
Malachite Crystal Ball
Black Obsidian Crystal Ball
Pyrite Sphere
Garnet Crystal Ball
Serpentine Crystal Ball
Agate Crystal Ball
Red Coral Crystal Ball
Angelite Sphere
Aqua Obsidian Sphere

Crystal Balls
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Amber Crystal Ball
Amethyst Crystal Ball
Aqua Crystal Ball
Emerald Crystal Ball
Sapphire Crystal Ball
Aurora Crystal Ball
Moonlight Crystal Ball
Large Black Scrying Ball
Black Aura Crystal Ball
Crystal Spirit Ball
Blood Crystal Ball
Spirit Crystal Ball
Bone Crystal Ball

Crystal Balls
With Stands
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Elephant Stand with Crystal Ball
Skull Stand with Crystal Ball
Egyptian Stand with Crystal Ball
Dragon Stand with Crystal Ball
John Dee Seal Crystal Ball Set
Wyrd Destiny Crystal Ball Set
Wallachian Crystal Ball Set
Angels of Mercy Crystal Ball Set
Black Scrying Ball with Stand
Frosted Dragon Statue with 70mm Sphere
Eye of Astrontiel Crystal Ball Set
Oculatus Crystal Ball Set
Dragon Claw Crystal Ball Set
Demon Claw Crystal Ball Set
Winged Dragon with Crystal Ball Set
Dolphins with Crystal Ball Set
Small Crystal Ball Kit
Titania's Crystal Ball Set

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