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Spellcasting Connection

Internet Magazine

Spellcasting Connection Internet Magazine exists as a meeting place for subscribers of Spellcasting Connection. In addition to the various spell rooms and java chat room, the site contains an annual moon phase calendar, a Tarot card reading program, a past lives program, and a small program to test your psychic abilities. New features such as newsletter articles, past issues and new programs will be listed as they are added to the site.


Spellcasting Connection Internet Magazine expanded with its newsletter: the Spellcasting Connection Newsletter. This publication contains articles on various new-age and magick related topics, informative editorials about what's going on in the new-age community, study group information, special offers, member discounts, and more! Past issue topics have included Divination, Love Magick, Moon Magick, Thought Forms, Wicca, Candle Magick. The current issue is Charm Bags


When you order, you will receive both Spellcasting Connection Internet Magazine and the current Spellcasting Connection Newsletter for $4.99. You will then receive a login name and password for the Internet Magazine, giving you 24 hour access to all of the features it offers, the internet access will be available to you for 1 year.

Item #: S004, Price: $4.99

Past issues are now available see "Other" in the Books Area.

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