Crystal, rocks and stones are believed to have natural magical energies within them. Healers and Followers of the new age have known about these energies and have taken advantage of this knowledge for hundreds of years. Each stone or crystal has its own magical properties and meanings, they can be combined to make a natural force around ones aura.

Circle Dolphin Gaia Dangle Pendant

The circle dolphin represents the infinite. The dolphins are enclosing a semi-precious stone representing the earth - Gaia, Mother Earth. Together, they represent the neverending cycle of life.

Sterling silver, about 2 inches. Available in a variety of stones as listed below.

Green Aventurine #SQ186 $34.99

Blue Lace Agate #SQ187 $34.99

Carnelian #SQ188 $34.99

Clear Quartz #SQ189 $34.99

Fluorite #SQ190 $34.99

Hematite #SQ191 $34.99

Black Onyx #SQ192 $34.99

Rose Quartz #SQ193 $34.99

Tiger's Eye #SQ194 $34.99

Amethyst #SQ195 $35.99

Malachite #SQ196 $35.99

Lapis Lazuli #SQ197 $35.99

Aqua Aura #SQ198 $36.99

Blue Siberian Quartz #SQ199 $36.99

Golden Citrine #SQ200 $36.99

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