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Shiva Meditating




Eros Statue


Eros and Centaur Statue

Wildwood Pan

Young Pan

Green Man

Wild God

Shaman of Trois-Freres



Deluxe Dionysus Statue

Large Guardian Statue

Large Anubis Statue

4 Foot Anubis Statue

The Stag God

Traditonal Frey


Vishnu Statue

The Archangels

Lugh Statue

Lugh Deluxe Statue

Deluxe Statue Shrine

Seven African Powers Statue

Hieroglyphic Statue

Pensive Pan


Mithraic Aeon Statue

Mithras Statue

Poseidon Statue

Deluxe Atlas Statue

Deluxe Zeus Statue

Medicine Buddha Statue

Tibetan Buddha Altar Shrine

Shiva Power Statue

Standing Osiris

Large Osiris


Ibis Headed Thoth

Large Horus Statue



Ganesh Altar

Large Ganesh

Ganesh with OM

Shiva Nataraj

Spiral Lord

Jizo Bosatsu


Lord and Lady Statue

Odin Statue


Buddha with Stand

Tyr Statue

Seated God Statue

Pazuzu Statue

Neptune Honor Statue

Large Krishna Radha Statue

Large Sphinx Statue

Deluxe Sphinx Statue

Apollo Statue

Jupiter Statue

Mercury Statue

Mars Statue

King Tut Bust

Dark World Statue

Orphic Egg

Hanuman Statue

Shiva Bust

Seth Chaos Statue

Thot Wisdom Statue

Re Sun God Statue

Amon Statue

Anubis Mummy Statue

Sobek River Statue

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God Statues
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