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The Millennial Gaia



Standing Hecate

Roman Hecate


Lilith Snake Statue

Lilith Winged Statue

Adorned Bast

Deluxe Bast


Standing Bast


Isis Winged

Large Isis Statue

Standing Isis

Seated Isis

Isis Mother

Standing Maat

Standing Sekmet

Sekmet Statue

Seated Sekmet

Standing Kali

Large Kali


Seated Moon Goddess Statue

Lady of the Beasts

Brigid Statue

Brigid Offerings Statue

Brigid Deluxe Statue

Brigit Statue

Athena Statue

Warrior Athena Statue

Demeter Statue

Laxshmi Statue

Standing Laxshmi Statue

Laxshmi with OM Statue

Pele Statue

Sequanna Statue

Epona Statue

Kerridwin Statue

Aphrodite Statue

Museum Aphrodite Statue

Minoan Snake Goddess Statue

Vaishno Devi Durga Statue

Earth Goddess Statue

Nuit Statue

Young Artemis Statue

Cerridwen Statue

Goddess Wall Statue

Medusa Statue

Deluxe Medusa Statue

Inanna Statue

Egyptian Charm Statue

Danu Offering Statue

Deluxe Ceridwen Statue

Tara Statue


Diana with Bow

Goddess Diana Statue



Nile Goddess

Serpent Goddess


Deluxe Yemayah

Spiral Goddess


Large Venus

Priestess of Elements


Large Uma


Lord and Lady Statue

Hera Statue

Deluxe Hera Statue


Freya with Boar

Freya Statue

Norse Freya Statue

Oshun Statue

Saraswati Statue

Ariadne Statue

Fortuna Statue

Asherah Statue

Dreaming Goddess of Malta Statue

Morrigan Statue

Morrigan Deluxe Statue

Tree Goddess Statue

Seated Goddess Statue

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