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Wizard with Staff

Wizard on Throne

Fortune Teller Statue

Wizard at Altar

Conjuring Wizard

Merlin and Dragon Statue

Wizard with Crystal Ball

Wizard Casting Sorcery

Spellcasting Wizard

Metallic Wizard

Commanding Wizard

Wizard Spell Statue with LED Light

Dragon Wizard Statue with LED Light

Fire Wizard Statue with LED Light

Flame Wizard Statue with LED Light

Wizard Dragon Statue

Wizard Spell Dragon Statue

Sorceress with Dragon Statue

Traditional Witch Statue

Maiden Witch Statue

Temptress Witch Statue

Meditating Witch Statue

Dark Sorceress Statue

Slayer Witch Queen Statue

Witch with Raven Statue

Flying Witch with Wand Statue

Flowing Witch on Broom Statue

Flying Witch with Familiar Statue

Water Wizard with LED Light Statue

Large Spellcasting Wizard Holder

Witch of Summoning Statue

Witch Queen on Throne Statue

The Necromancer Statue

Witch and Crow Glowing Sphere Statue

Witch and Cat Glowing Sphere Statue

Witch of Nature Statue

Modern Witch Statue

Wizard of Spellcasting Statue

Celestial Witch Statue

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