Before You Cast A Spell   by Carl McColman

Before You Cast a Spell provides a user-friendly introduction to the spirituality of magic. Written for the person newly interested in magic, as well as the veteran Witch, this book helps the reader discover the power and beauty of magic through eternal values such as love, compassion, hope, trust, and practicality.

In other words, this is not a book full of spells or lists of magical ingredients. Rather, it reveals the principles of magical energy and power, helping the reader to understand what makes magic work and why. After mastering the spiritual principles in this book, the reader will be empowered not only to work effective spells, but to also find happiness and joy-with or without a spell.

The tone of this book is warm, friendly, and positive. It does not attack magic or spellcraft, nor does it promote any particular religious viewpoint. Rather, it invites readers to think carefully and make their own thoughtful decisions about the role of magic in their lives.

Before You Cast a Spell is the book that Wiccan priestesses and priests, as well as metaphysical storeowners, can confidently recommend to a beginning student of magic and say, "Here, read this one first."

Before You Cast a Spell features:

· Understanding magic: what it is, where it comes from, and what it can (and cannot) do.
· Why some spells work, and why others don't.
· The single most important quality of all magic.
· How the chakras are a roadmap to understanding magic.
· Why ethics are so important to magic.
· Wicca and the Goddess: exploring the spiritual dimensions of magic.
· How to find magical happiness-even without casting spells!

Written in an open and friendly tone an absolute beginner will appreciate, this book also contains the kind of solid information that teachers and elders seek.

Item #: SZ05, Price: $13.99

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