Exploring Candle Magick   by Patricia Telesco

Candle Spells, Charms, Rituals, and Divinations

This wonderful, whimsical look at candles gives us a whole new appreciation for these wax sources of illumination. Candlelight is magickal. It casts a gentle warmth and glow all around. And in the shadows of that light we find a rich history filled with myth, lore, superstition, and spells! Exploring Candle Magick brings this history to life.

While we all know that one should make a wish when blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, did you know that a candle's flame represents spiritual purity and the everlasting human soul? Did you know that it's good luck to give someone a bayberry candle for the new year, or light one with your right hand?

Exploring Candle Magick teaches one of the oldest and most common magickal arts: working with candles. From candlelit divinations and rituals to simply energizing the atmosphere of a room, candles have been part of religious tradition for aeons. With Exploring Candle Magick, you can join that tradition and learn how to:

· Choose candles that harmonize with your astrological sign.
· Burn candles effectively as a spell component.
· Make magickal candles from scratch.
· Use candles as charms and amulets.
· Decorate candles to reflect any goal including love, prosperity, health, and happiness.
· Combine Feng Shui with candle-burning efforts.

Exploring Candle Magick is a definitive guide to understanding and applying the magickal art of candles for yourself, your home, family, or friends. There is literally no circumstance for which candles cannot be used for powerful, life-affirming magick.

Item #: SZ07, Price: $12.99

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