Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara   by Ashleen O'Gaea

Lore, Rituals, Activities and Symbols

Unique among books about the Wiccan Sabbats, Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara takes a different approach to explaining the holidays by taking an in-depth look at half of the Wheel of the Year. Rather than dissecting each holiday, Ashleen's goal is to take a broader look at them, explaining how and why we celebrate each, along with how the celebration of one leads to the next.

The first of two new titles from Ashleen offers a vision of the holidays we celebrate from October to March, including:

· Samhain (October 31st)
· Yule (December 21st)
· Imbolc (February 2nd)
· Ostara (March 21st)

Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara covers each holiday by first giving us its history and original customs, then explaining its place in modern life. Stories are shared for each Sabbat to reconnect us with our lore and bring new meaning to current practice. Ashleen includes ideas for rituals that are ideal for practicing solitaries, covens, or Wiccan families, with special sections on what children of various ages are ready to learn about these holidays.

Celebrating the Seasons of Life is conveniently complete with Circle-casting directions for groups and individuals who don't have a "usual way" or would like to try something new. It's brimming with original material that can be used by any practitioner to refresh or embellish his or her rites, including recipes and creative ideas to capture seasonal fun without forgetting the significance of each Sabbat.

Item #: SZ08, Price: $14.99

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