A Charmed Life   by Trish Telesco

Celebrating Wicca Every Day

Increasingly the magickal community is made up of city dwelling witches, pagans, and neo-pagans. How do these people combine a natural philosophy with the concrete jungle? A Charmed Life looks at this issue in a fresh, creative, and fun way that anyone can apply whether they live in a high rise or on a farm. Our times have changed dramatically since pagans were "country folk." Those transformations require that we rethink the way we approach magick so it makes sense of our surroundings and times. After all, the magick must grows with each of us as, well as within the earth.

A Charmed Life is a transformational book that includes spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and all manner of helpful hints for creating and maintaining a healthy, happy spiritual environment. Better still, it reaches out to the next generation of magickal people, our children, with activities for them and the whole family-activities that accent various lessons and meet various personal needs in a real, and effective metaphysical way.

Start changing your 9-5 world from mundane to magickal with this book and a healthy dose of personal vision.

Item #: SZ11, Price: $12.99

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