God/Goddess   by A. J. Drew and Patricia Telesco

Exploring and Celebrating the Two Sides of Wiccan Deity

How do Wiccans and many Neo-Pagans perceive the Divine? We speak of gods and goddesses all the time-Zeus, Ra, Athena, Kwan Yin-knowing that these culturally diverse and powerful Beings represent very important facets of the human experience on a much larger scale. Yet, how do we reconnect with these Beings? What does it mean when someone says "Thou art God; Thou art Goddess"?

Written as a cooperative effort-a man writing about God, and a woman writing about Goddess-this proactive book provides foundational tools for connecting with and celebrating the Sacred in personally meaningful ways. Recognizing that each person has a unique vision of the Divine, God/Goddess explores central archetypes [the phases of human life] that anyone can relate to, complete with historical, multicultural examples to awaken the God and Goddess within each of us. You'll learn about:

· God/Goddess as son and daughter.
· God/Goddess as friend, lover, husband, and wife.
· God/Goddess who support our work, our home, and our pleasures.
· God/Godesses who embrace the family-child, parent, grandparent, and beyond.

Much more than a "how to" book, God/Goddess challenges us to think about the deeper meaning when we call upon the Divine, and during all our spiritual activities. Truly, the time has come to awaken the spark of the Sacred within, and honor the Spirit within our words and deeds. God/Goddess helps make this journey both fulfilling and empowering.

Item #: SZ12, Price: $14.99

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