Progressive Witchcraft   by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Spirituality, Mysteries, and Training in Modern Wicca

Progressive Witchcraft is the most radical work to date by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, arguably the world's leading experts on the subject of Modern Witchcraft and the Neo-Pagan movement. It is nothing less than their detailed analysis of the way Witchcraft has evolved into the worldwide religion that it is todayÂ…and their vision of its future.

Progressive Witchcraft does not create or endorse a specific Witchcraft tradition, but rather identifies a system that is at the root of all of the existing paths within Witchcraft. Farrar and Bone show that Wicca is a modern, non-dogmatic dynamic tradition still in a state of evolution-a Priesthood based on connection with the Divine and service to humanity.

This book details how many magical practices of Witchcraft actually work, giving both practical exercises and advice. Janet and Gavin explain:

· What Progressive Witchcraft is, including its tenets.
· Why Witchcraft is connected to the ancient Mysteries of our forefathers, and how elements can be found in both Shamanism and in Ritual Magic.
· Why Witchcraft is a Priesthood.
· Why 'Sorcery' is the traditional magical practice of Witchcraft, and how all ritual relates to the body's energy system (auras and chakras).
· What a Spiritual Cosmology is and how it can be used to access the Mysteries by traveling between the worlds.
· What the different spiritual and astral Guides and Guardians are and how to find them.

And they give their own unique, modern perspective on:

· How to connect with the Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors.
· How Drawing Down the Moon works, and how to use other forms of deity assumption in ritual.
· How to create and use an Astral Temple.
· The many different ways a coven can function successfully, including the skills a good coven leader needs.
· How to successfully find and approach a coven or Wiccan teacher for training.
· How to train as a Witch-including a ritual training book that teaches how ritual energy works.

Progressive Witchcraft is a book for anyone interested in Wicca, from seekers just beginning on the path of the Old Ways to those thirsting for more knowledge about its inner practices. It will also be an invaluable resource for anyone running (or planning to run) training groups.

Item #: SZ20, Price: $15.99

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