The Miracle Tree   by R.J. Stewart

Demystifying the Qabalah

The Miracle Tree offers a revolutionary new approach to the Tree of Life, from a leading author who has practiced Western Qabalah for more than 30 years. R. J. Stewart begins with one simple premise: We are already the Tree of Life. The word "Qabalah" originally meant an oral tradition, and the voice of this book is that of a teacher talking with a group of students (the readers), without elitism, obscurity, or willful secrecy.

Books on Qabalah daunt many people, but the literature is not the living tradition, and certainly not The Miracle Tree itself. We do not have to study, learn, or wade through copious and often redundant material. Instead, we can discover and practice simple but powerful "forms" that open awareness to our living presence on The Miracle Tree. This book is in plain English. No background in Victorian occultism is necessary to use The Miracle Tree, which is entirely contemporary and without exotic terminology.

Many of the practical exercises and forms in this book, the result of years of spiritual exploration within a hallowed tradition, have never been published. R. J. Stewart is in the direct line of famous Western esoteric teachers, including Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie, and William G. Gray.

Some hitherto "secret" techniques are described, including Withdrawal from Time, The Qabalah of the Three Suns, Walking Participation, and entering the Inner Temple traditions. These techniques produce powerful and rapid results when the student practices them regularly: They work directly within us, founded upon the truth that we are already The Miracle Tree.

Another unique and groundbreaking feature of this book is that the author traces the sources of Tree of Life meditations and visions in medieval Europe. He demonstrates a verifiable historical origin for Tree of Life practices that substantially predates the standard texts usually assumed to be the origins of Qabalah in the West.

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